Your Country Needs The Best Leaders! Take admission in MBA from IIM and be the one


Pursuing an MBA is the best way to start a professional career as it helps to improve the leadership and teamwork skills. An IIM Ahmedabad MBA offers an average placement between 20 – 25 LPA INR. Thus, an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad adds value to the investments prior to studying the course.

Through the MBA degree from IIM Ahmedabad students can network with various business leaders and participate in management workshops with foreign students. This will lead to a holistic development in the aspirants and learn various management practises. So, IIM A is rated 92.87 out of 100 in Teaching and Learning Resources. Some of the encouraging reasons why doing IIM Ahmedabad MBA can help to become a better leader are mentioned below.

Why does an IIM Ahmedabad MBA make a better leader?

We all know that IIM Ahmedabad is the best ranked MBA institute in India as per NIRF 2020. But here we will elucidate further on why to choose an IIM Ahmedabad MBA.


Before starting to lead others, it’s important to know about yourself. Through self-reflection, which will be taught during the IIM Ahmedabad MBA course, students can better understand their strengths and areas that they need to focus more on to improve their leadership abilities.

The full-time MBA program taught at IIM Ahmedabad allows students to participate in several workshops to help them reshape their leadership potential. As part of the course curriculum followed at IIM Ahmedabad, students will get an opportunity to listen attentively to others and share their feedback and suggestions.

Again, listening to other thoughts and feedback is important to develop leadership skills. Some other practical leadership skills taught to the students during an MBA program include negotiation skills, problem-solving skills, time management skills, decision-making, and much more.


Leadership is not about giving all the answers yourself rather allowing your team members to participate in interactive sessions. Leadership is all about getting the best people, handling bigger, and giving equal opportunity to all the group members.

Since an MBA is done by candidates belonging to different backgrounds, it permits them to work. This way, students build their vital soft skills like communication, emotional intelligence, leadership qualities, and much more. Thus, an IIM Ahmedabad MBA can inculcate the spirit of teamwork among the students before even joining the corporates.

Social Responsibility

Managing responsibility is good, but the act done by aspirants must prove profitable for the businesses. The leaders at present are expected to think about sustainability and what will be the social impact of the work done by them. Luckily, business schools offering courses like IIM Ahmedabad MBA have designed programs so that students get to know about their social responsibility.


In today’s fast-developing world, leaders are expected to stay well informed about the rapid technological change and should know how the latest technology can be deployed for the betterment of the organization. The IIM Ahmedabad MBA course curriculum is designed keeping in mind the latest trends in management practices and technologies.


While pursuing an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, students will be able to enhance their communication skills that are important for leadership success. Students’ overall MBA experience will allow candidates to communicate with their peers and work on different tasks and projects.

Throughout the study at IIM Ahmedabad MBA, students will effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas among their peer groups. Post developing communication skills; graduates can take these skills to their workplace.

MBA course helps to see the bigger business picture

Pursuing an MBA course from IIM Ahmedabad will expose students to bigger picture information. Most MBA programs educate students about the global economy and how strategies need to be followed while doing international business. Doing an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad helps students to become the future leaders of tomorrow. They know all about changing economic policies, business strategies, leadership rules and regulations, and much more.

Hands-on Experience

In all the MBA programs, learning theory is accompanied by practical, experiential learning to get the best learning experience. Pursuing an IIM Ahmedabad MBA allows students to be effective leaders as the experience they get during the course will help them assess a real situation and solve a problem under tight pressure.

The experience that students get by pursuing an MBA course will help individuals in working under pressure, which will improve their leadership skills at the workplace. Solving problems is something all the students will learn by doing an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

Passion For Development

Post completing an MBA degree from IIM Ahmedabad, your passion for development will not end there; rather, it will be the starting point. Effective leaders strive hard for their success and can read between the lines.

IIM Ahmedabad: Key Benefits of Studying Here

Some of the benefits after completing the IIM Ahmedabad MBA are mentioned below.

  1. Better job options: For most MBA students, quality education matters a lot, and completing IIM Ahmedabad MBA allows students to grab some of the best career opportunities. Having a degree from IIM Ahmedabad and mentioning it on your CV will help to boost the chances of selection in top companies. Some of the companies that actively took part in the placements drive conducted at IIM Ahmedabad include JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Accenture, ICICI Bank, among others.
  2. Better compensation: In return for the great skills students learned while studying from reputed institutes like IIM, graduates can get a higher package as compared to the others. The average starting package that an IIM offers starts from 15 Lakhs per annum INR, and in some cases, top IIM students get CTC ranging between 70 Lakhs to 1 crore per annum INR.
  3. Great opportunity for entrepreneurs: Working in top companies is not the only option for MBA graduates; rather, they have the liberty to start their own business.
  4. Campus events: All the IIMs are known for organizing some of the greatest events and competitions for all the students. The opportunity to take part in several events at IIM Ahmedabad allows students to meet and interact with others and develop their communication skills.

It is truly said that effective business leaders are not born; they develop real leadership skills through time and experience. While some people are naturally gifted with some of the traits, doing an MBA from a prestigious institute like IIM Ahmedabad will help them to become great leaders. In case aspirants are not sure about boosting the existing leadership skills, this piece of information on the IIM Ahmedabad MBA course will offer a perfect solution.


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