Terrorist encountered in Kashmir recovered with new 2000rs Notes !!


    The terrorist was killed in the encounter in Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday.  The encounter took place in Bandipora area in Jammu and Kashmir.

    The terrorist who got killed in the encounter had 15,000 with them with 160 100 rs notes and two 2000rs notes. The Terrorist are suspected to be from Lashkar-e-Taiba group that is a Pakistan-based terror group.                                

    The images show the two 2000rs notes with AK 47. The terrorist that were killed in the gunfight with the security forces that went on for several hours.

    The Pm Narendra Modi had banned  the old 500rs and 1000rs notes to eradicate the tax evasion and terror funding. But to the shock, the terrorist have found a way to get the new 2000rs notes.

    The previous day four masked men burst into a bank in Kashmir and took 13 lakh. The Robbery took place in the Bank of Malpora that is the state-run bank of Jammu and Kashmir.

    The Terrorist have been encountered with new 2000 rs notes who belong to Pakistan. The encounter took place in the same place where there was a Bank robbery in the Malpora bank in Jammu and Kashmir.  


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