Telangana Bus Was In Flames Within Moments – Watch the video


    Around 30 passengers were trapped in a   luxury bus that caught fire because of the short circuit. Luckily, there were no causalities and all 30  passengers narrowly escaped and were safe.

    The bus caught fire when it was around  50 km from Hyderabad. The accident occurred on the afternoon  of 21st February at Alair. The bus was under luxury category under Telangana State Road Transport Corporation and was going from Warangal to  Hyderabad.


    As the bust just 50km away from reaching its destination, spark occurred in the engine and luckily was noticed by the driver of the bus. The driver immediately stopped the bus after seeing the spark in the engine of the bus and informed all passenger to get out from the bus.

    Within minutes, the bus was in flames and got completely wrecked.The video shows thick black smoke rising from it.

    An inquiry into the incident is now ordered by the P Mahender Reddy who is currently Telangana Transport Minister.

    Mr Reddy demanded a detailed report from the official of the concerned department and assured people that such accidents will not be repeated.

    A similar accident took place last week when 70 passengers in Uttar Pradesh were lucky enough to survive the similar incident  while travelling in a double-decker bus. Most of them were migrant workers.

    The cause of occurrence of fire was also the short circuit in an engine of the bus. The bus was going to Bahraich. In this case, also driver was first to notice the short-circuit and immediately informed the passenger to leave the bus.

    Last year in the month of December, similar bus burning accident took place in Madhya Pradesh.


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