Technology Changed Fitness Scenario !!

    Nowadays, people are so health conscious that they are actually forgetting the main crux of being healthy! People are going to the Gyms, Health Classes, Aerobics classes, I’m not saying though that these are not good for you but as the technology takes a step ahead the Subfactors tend to expand.

    In the early 80’s, people use to go on walks, Jogs or run in the morning, but nobody actually knew why early morning exercises are important, I bet now also people don’t why to get up early and go for an early morning walk!
    In the morning, the air is so fresh and rich in oxygen content that if you walk daily, you will never have to see the face of your old Family Doctor again, ha ha! (I know you don’t like seeing Dr. Bhatt/ Sharma).
    These early morning walks have been replaced by walks on treadmills. I don’t know why people like walking and looking at their face(The mirror in the gym,I know what you all were thinking). A point comes where they actually find places to look at because they only look at the timer and their faces or the girl walking next to them! The gym is a good place to work out only when you know what to do and what not! 

    I asked a person why do you go to the gym, I was quite stunned by his reply, He said, he goes to a gym so that he can eat a chocolate! I wonder that day is not far when people will start eating on their treadmills.
    one kilogram increased, oh No! I have to run 5 minutes to burn that!

    Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen……….but definitely will!
    There’s a lot to be said on this!
    But will talk on this soon!
    Till then Stay tuned !! 


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