Study MBBS in Russia and Get Access to World Class Education


Have you been scouring the internet to find that right university to study MBBS in Russia?

You must have heard of the trite whispers about study MBBS in Russia?

I am talking about the popular ones- the recognized world leader in training chemists, doctors, specialists, physicists, and almost every other natural science, not to mention international exposure, world-class infrastructure, and practical experience.

But, hey that’s not all!

Study MBBS in Russia and Get Access to World Class Education

There are many other advantages of study MBBS in Russia than you must have heard from friends or intuited yourself.

We will take it slow and briefly examine each of them here in this article.

#1 No Holes in your pocket

The one thing that most Indian students overthink when studying abroad is expenses.

So let’s begin there.

Cost of registration with Russian universities in anything between 2.5 – 5 lakhs annually.

This amount is way lower than studying MBBS with any private Indian university.


Don’t be. (We have a lot more)

There is no capitation fee other than tuition.

Even the cost of survival in Russia is dirt cheap. You can have a decent lifestyle in between $100-$200/ month. (Unless of course you want to have a Beyonce life, haha)

#2 No Hassle of Entrance Tests For Admission


Yeah, you heard that right!

Russia has ample of opportunities and has a chance for every one of you.

Your admission is solely decided on the percentage of marks you secure in the 12th standard. It is mandatory to qualify NEET though.

You can start MBBS in 2020 even if you haven’t qualified NEET.

Don’t get us wrong. You still have to study for NEET. You can save time by starting with the first year of MBBS and preparing to qualify NEET next year at the same time. That way you can jump to the second year directly once you have qualified NEET 2021.

#3 International Exposure

What is better than being a part of a cosmopolitan culture, isn’t it?

With studying in Russia, you meet fellow students from different countries, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

You have the golden opportunity to establish yourself in a foreign country and get an international exhibition.

And hey, not to mention the massive inflow of patients😉

#4 Low-Class Strength

Russian Universities make sure that they pay attention to every student so that they can make the most of their potential, time, and efforts they put in their education.

Their Class strength is therefore significantly lower than that you would see in any Indian University.

You can take the time to process your classes, badger your professors with doubts and make the most of the plethora of knowledge embracing you.

#5 World Class Infrastructure

Experiencing comfort is important to focus well.

You can’t expect to make yourself a dextrous doctor if your university does not have the proper infrastructure, or the equipment to better explain their classes.

Russian universities have some of the top-notch medical labs and theoretical demonstrations to help you imbibe your tough classes like water on cotton.

Do you think our Indian universities can do that. I bet not.

#6 Feel Home

If you are worried about entering an alien culture, with alien people, and alien values where you might feel you don’t possibly belong, then hold your horses.

Pull the reins right there.

Because we promised something better, right?

Yes, and that’s why we went the extra mile to make sure you stay in the most safe and comfortable hostels, get delicious home-like food, and travel easily with our transport facilities.

What more could you ask?

Well, you can technically.

Because we assure you that we are not one of those you dust their hands off the whole situation after the admissions. We have your back from the time you deliberate your admissions to the time you have become a successful doctor.

But for now, enough said.

Now that you know the benefits of doing an MBBS in Russia, what is your call?

Don’t overthink it; just drop us a message!

We would be happy to clarify all your doubts and assist you further!


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