Strategies for B2B Marketing!!


    What exactly do you mean by B2B marketing? We all know what marketing is, buying and selling of goods and services between a buyer and a consumer but this marketing can be done between two buyers also. This is known as B2B marketing. The marketing done between business to business in which seller sells  products to other business so that it can use those goods for production , for use in general business operations , or for resale to other consumers, retailers or wholesalers. B2B leads to success if followed by some strategies and having well defined strategies improves the effectiveness of business to business marketing.  The top 5 strategies that we can follow for business to business marketing are:

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    1.       Feedback– If we are serving something to others than we must know are we doing best at our part or customers are satisfied from that or not because in today’s market customer is king. The best way to get feedback is through survey. We should survey our marketing methods, and if survey results in some deviations than we can look forward those deviations and make some changes to make marketing method more effective.

    2.       Plan a goal and analyze the difficulties– A goal needs to be set for a business.  Until and unless a goal or if there is no vision than we cannot plan. When we set a goal we analyze how we can achieve it and what difficulties will be faced by us to achieve that goal.

    3.       Dig deeper while targeting– whichever segment we target, we must know about that segment completely, we must be well versed with the demands of the buyers so that we can design the products according to their need and meet up to their expectations. This will create a word of mouth for business as in business to business marketing there are only few buyers and if it concentrates completely on its limited customers it can work more efficiently and effectively.

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    4.       E-mail marketing This is another way of B2B strategy. As we all know about the rapid increase of use of technology, email marketing can be proved as one of the best strategy. We can make buyers aware about some extra products or services that are being offered by us. It has become the concept of lead nurturing.

    5.       Mobile marketing – Another strategy that can make B2B more effective is mobile marketing. Through a survey it was analyzed that marketing professionals use a mobile device 50-75% of times when they research for purchase decisions digitally.

    Many examples have proved that these business to business marketing strategies successful. General Electric that came into partnership with 40 merchants to promote local offers via Promboxx’s digital marketing system. There are many more examples which explain the success of B2B marketing strategy. As there are fewer buyers and d it is all about professional purchasing, by using the best strategies seller can make the fewer buyers as that larger buyers. This will help the business to grown and generate more and more revenue.

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