SC made mandatory to play National Anthem at theatres, Here is why it may not work !!


    The Supreme court has passed an order that says the National Anthem should be played in the theatres before the movie.
    “People nowadays don’t know how to sing the national anthem and people must be taught. We must respect national anthem,” SC said.

    The court has passed an order that makes compulsory to sing the national anthem to create patriotism in the people but does you think it is a good idea ?

    BJP supporters quoted that singing national anthem will strengthen nationalism.

    August 15th and January 26th are the two days when the whole country is decorated with Indian flags and the national anthem is sung, But do you even notice the very next day the Indian flags that float on roads and dustbin such is the patriotism

    Well, do you think this order will increase the patriotism among  Indians ?
    may be or may not be !

    However, the supreme court has given 10 days time to implement in all the theatres.

    But what if the order given by supreme court doesn’t turn out as expected !

    What if people do not follow the rule who will they punished ?

    What if a person health doesn’t support them to stand will they be anti-nationalist?  This  may annoy some patriotic  to become violent ! Is it a crime ? 

    What if Khanaiya is at the theatre ?

    What if it’s  an C grade movie called “ Adhuri Shuhag Raat” ?

    What if they are foreigners who do not stand ? will public protest “ Go Back Simon ” !!

    I think patriotism should not be forced !

    An Indian mind may take it seriously few days and will make  it a common thing later moving with their popcorn for seats !


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