Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Comeback Characters, we can’t wait to watch them again !


    Yeah back are those days when you use to say “Aee Maya Sarabhai Maat Ban”.

    After a Hiatus of over a decade the popular comedy show Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai is set to return as a web series. Though the date hasn’t been decided yet but mostly it is expected to premiere soon in may. So be ready to watch the epic taunts by momma Maya Sarabhai to her “middle-class” daughter-in-law Monisha, Indravadan’s funny acts, Monisha’s bargaining skills, rosesh’s nonsense but funny poetry and sahil who is pulled between maya and monisha.

    These characters will never let your laughter down.

    Maya Sarabhai

    Maya Sarabhai aka Mummyji who never minced her words and always made us feel so middle class.

    Monisha Sarabhai

    Monisha has got the best ever bargaining skills and her always best ever dialogue “Sahil mai ghar chhor ke jaa rahi hoon” which she use to say this every time she and sahil had a fight . The fact that these words were sheer poetry to Maya Sarabhai, is totally another thing.

    Roshesh Sarabhai

    Rosesh aka son of Maya sarabhai whose poetry will make you feel like “Yeh chullu bhar pani me dub kyu nai jata”, Though his poetry is “Bakwaas” but His incredible poems will make you laugh for sure.

    Indravadan Sarabhai

    Constant trolling by indravadan sarabhai never tired us. The humour, the wit and the one-liners, that is what define the character of Indu Sarabhai who was always busy making fun of his son Rosesh’s poems.

    Sahil Sarabhai

    His comic timing is impeccable while he is pulled between Maya and Monisha.

    The show is finally coming back with its web series. Thank you Ratna Pathak for bringing Maya Sarabhai to life.

    See you guys soon.


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