The great romantic actor of Bollywood Mr.Rishi kapoor on Monday launched his autobiography. The name of the book is ‘KHULLAM KHULLA: RISHI KAPOOR UNCENCORSED’. RISHI KAPOOR in an interview talked about his new book launch. He in his book has written about his film career. The co-author of the book is Meena Iyer.

    Rishi Kapoor says, in his he has described his film career which has started when he was 2years old. He had worked in the movie ‘Shri 420’ directed by his father. He says, he is short-tempered from his earlier ages.

    Rishi kapoor’s main career started with his film ‘BOBBY’ in the year 1973. The movie was directed by RAJ KAPOOR. The lead actress apposite Rishi Kapoor was Dimple Kapadia. His image as a romantic actor came from that movie onwards and he was loved by the audience from then onwards.

    Rishi kapoor in his auto describes events of his film career. He says in his book,’ I did not slept on roads and did not have to face hunger, but I do had to struggle a lot to have a stand in film industry’. He also said, in that time he had to struggle with ‘angry young man’ image of Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Shatruhan Sinha and Vinod Khanna.

    Rishi kapoor in his book described an event about his meet with underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim. He wrote, “The year was 1988. I had landed in Dubai with my closest friend, Bittu Anand, for an Asha Bhosle-RD Burman night. Dawood always had a man at the airport to keep him posted on VIP movement. When I was leaving the airport, a stranger walked up to me and handed me a phone. He said, ‘Dawood sa’ab baat karenge (Dawood sa’ab would like to talk to you).’ Obviously, this was before the 1993 blasts in Mumbai and I didn’t think of Dawood as a fugitive on the run. He wasn’t an enemy of the state yet. Or, at least, that was the impression I had. Dawood welcomed me and said, ‘If there is anything you need, just let me know.’ He also invited me to his house. I was taken aback.”



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