5 Reasons To Partner With Rus Education For Your MBBS Abroad


There are a lot of what-if scenarios that must have emerged in your minds if you start to think about MBBS abroad.  You probably would be worried about the complicated admissions process, visa procurement procedure, travel arrangement from the airport of the foreign land, staying until you get a hostel. You might even be not just about the expense, but also about the living conditions, adjusting to a new lifestyle, new food, a completely new language or being concerned about the lack of connection at the time of emergency and what not.

But your only concern should be to work hard and achieve those dreams of yours. And for the very same purpose Rus Education comes to your aid. Rus Education , is an overseas education provider  that has been guiding and empowering the students to achieve their goal of becoming a doctor.

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A Case Study of Rus Education

Rus Education has been serving the aspiring doctors to study  MBBS abroad and live their dream of being a doctor for approximately 30 years. With this abundant experience,  we have served tens of thousands of students to accomplish their dream of becoming doctors. We understand that it takes a lot of courage to dream of the white coat for any aspirer in India, and it takes even more of it, if you are determined to pursue it. 

With the limited and expensive medical study opportunities in Indian opportunities, every year a huge number of students stumble upon opting for MBBS abroad. With hundreds of top medical universities of various countries providing mbbs in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Americas, Bangladesh and many more, we aim to provide you with your ideal university education which fulfils your individual requirements and preferences. 

The education in these universities are feasible to a large section of the societies and thus, they have been the choice of preference of the medical aspirants. Therefore, every year, the number of students opting to study MBBS Abroad has been on the increase. 

Rus Education has been a leading name to provide all kinds of necessary guidance and counselling to the medical students of India.  Our pan-India reach in 17  urban and suburban cities of India, including the metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Trivandrum, Bangalore etc has enabled us to reach the doors of every medical aspirer.

We have always taken pride in maintaining transparency in our procedures. We have an open-door policy for all our students and parents. We don’t just provide a gateway for the students to study MBBS abroad but partner with them to accomplish their dream. Hence, we are built upon the foundations of valuable feedback of parents and students. We constantly upgrade ourselves to fulfil the requirements of our students studying abroad.

One might wonder about the possible reasons thousands of families have trusted us since the past three decades and continue to do so in the present times as well. 

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Here are 5 reasons from the student’s point of view who have partnered with us for their MBBS study abroad.

  • Customised Guidance and Counselling

“I am thankful for another opportunity which I’m blessed by Rus Education, in the middle of nowhere to go they have helped me in finding my dream university. And with their help, I successfully completed my 3 years of MBBS. I’m very happy with my choice. My university has provided me with all the possible facilities I need for a comfortable study and life. And with gratitude, I would like to thank Rus Education for being so supportive throughout the way. ”

-Kalyani Gotmare

Batch: 2015-2021 

mbbs in russia

Orenburg State​ Medical University, Russia

Our counsellors guide you with experience of at least 10 years. With their experience, they are able to identify your needs and preference criteria and suggest you only the best names for the university and the country. The personal counselling takes into account not only your financial preferences but also your career benefits in the long run.

  • Comfortable Stay in the New Land

“In the year 2010, I took admission in Tver state Medical University, through Rus Education Kolkata, Since then Rus Education has been one of the strongest support, not only in field of academics but also mentally, Dr Washim Sayed who was our Dean and also professor of Social Medical were like our saviours and God Father during our stay in Russia.Long story, short without Rus Education our journey of Russia would have been so comfortable.”

  • Madhuja Nath

Tver State Medical University, Russia

Working in Safdarjung Hospital

We arrange everything for you from the moment you step out from your house to study MBBS abroad till to step out of the university as a doctor. We take care of your arrival at the airport and travel to the university, your lodging, your food, even the smallest things like assisting in getting your library cards, medical insurance, etc. We help you throughout your study duration and not just with the admission ensuring you are solely dedicated to your studies and are not burdened with other concerns.

  • Providing the Complete & Comprehensive Information

“My son is studying in 2nd year at Orenburg State Medical University. We have approached Rus Education after searching on the internet. They have very knowledgeable staff. They gave us all the information about the procedure and university and did it very professionally. They took care of everyth ing and even in the academy they have their staff to look after every student. I am willing to recommend rus education to other aspiring students.”

-Mr. Sanjay Sawant


The counsellors provide the complete and comprehensive information about the country, its culture, university, its rules and regulation and requirements at each and every step to the parents and students, so that they can weigh their options well and then take the decision.

  • Simplifying Procedures

“…When I was struggling to get admission procedure admission in India , Rus Education came to my aid , they simplified my admission procedure and helped me in taking a step forward towards my dream of medicine, I am well settled now and enjoying my stay in Tver, Russia.”

  • Akshay 

Tver State Medical University

We simplify the procedural requirements for our students at various levels like in getting correct documentations and paper work for the admission in the desired university, and then at various levels even after the admission for example in arranging the travel to and from the foreign country to India, etc.

  • Providing Assistance At Every Step

“ …To get into a university of my choice in Russia all I wanted was a supportive and informative interaction with the counsellor. Then Rus education guided me stepwise in doing all the procedures. They also helped in visa documentation, in sending my application to university and following them up. Rus education not only helped me with the procedure but also in selection of college. Rus education made my journey as an aspiring student in Russia.”

-Vicky D. Kale

Tver State Medical University

We provide you with every kind of assistance in every way, from the Visa Assistance, to your travel arrangements, from Forex Assistance to the pre-departure orientation of the students  and many other post-departure services for the students.

At Rus Education, we do not consult you just with your education but partner together with you so that no stone is left unturned in your journey to become a successful doctor.


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