who doesn’t want to travel the world, 98% people have the ‘ world tour’  in their bucket list but when it comes to a woman, we find people saying it is not safe for them to travel and adventure is not for a woman. Here are few woman who have shut the mouths of people who are still in their dreams that ‘it’s a man world.’ To all the woman, who wanna travel alone, meet new people and wanna experience the real roller coaster ride of life. Here I introduce you to 5 female solo travel bloggers, who travelled different places and shared their experiences with us on their blog.

    1. Sarah, a week at the beach :
    Sarah is a beautiful mother and also an adventure traveller. she has inspired many moms, who were travellers but has stopped travelling as they became parents. she states that travelling with family is more fun and is important because it is a stress buster and helps to maintain mental accuracy, and the best thing is our children will get to know the new, see the new and learn the new.
    2. Dangerous business :
    A small town girl from Ohio, who belongs to a middle-class family has crossed all the barriers for exploring and to discover the new world, the world which is deeper which is not shown in pictures or on television.
    3. Flora the explorer:
    Flora is more of an explorer than the traveller, she explores people, her blog is for the people  who love to meet new people with new culture and customs. she says she wants to evoke the curiosity and adventure which is asleep inside us.
    4. My travel affairs:
    This blog is run by a crazy, freakish and adventurous traveller Marysia, as well known as the luckiest girl in this world. you can find her anonymous and short sweet affairs with strangers she meets in different places. she is more for an inspiration and has an original style of writing with her sense of fun.
    5. Where is Jenny :
    she lives for adventure, she has travelled to over 11 countries and 30 US states. she is so into progressing that she is selling all her property to travel endlessly. she works for a graphic design which allows her to work anywhere from an internet connection. she states that her blog is not only her views and experiences but it is also a resource for the locations,independent working,backpacking and solo travelling. she also adds that she wants to inspire others.
    So, women what are you waiting for select your type and live the life which you want to.  The original you is the new sexy. Stay fresh, Stay sexy, Be you.