Rare Kind of Humanity, Brother-Sister use crowdfunding to raise money for friend’s bone marrow transplant !


    Amidst reports of controversial incidents like corruption, terrorism, rape, substance abuse etc, there are some heart warming incidents that bring in the notion of humanity into the spotlight. In one such moving incident in Hyderabad,  a brother- sister duo have been working extremely hard in order to raise funds for their close companion’s bone marrow transplant which is expected to take place in Bangalore soon. The duo have started a crowd funding campaign on Milaap.org in order to obtain sufficient funds so as to help their friend.

    Amal,  a 19 year old student, currently pursuing his graduation in electronics was diagnosed with a very rare bone marrow disease, Fanconi Anemia. This was initially discovered after he fainted in college while playing with his friends. Coming from a lower middle class background, he was unable to raise enough money to pay for the treatment and couldn’t find any other source of income. Seeing his plight, his friend Nikhil M, a student from the same college decided to raise money through crowdfunding. Nikhil was helped by his sister Divya in this venture of his and they both started working extremely hard in order to help Amal.

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    They have launched an online campaign “Please help my friend, Amal, fight this rare bone marrow.” This has attracted a lot of attention from various sections of society, so much so that even tollywood celebrities have taken time of their busy schedules in order to support this campaign by promoting it through their various social media handles. The duo have so far raised a total of Rs 10,83,987 and are on the right path to raise the required Rs 23 lakh required for the surgery. Details of their undertaking have been shared in various media outlets and is expected to turn a lot more heads in the coming days.

    This is exactly the sort of magnanimity that has been lacking in many areas today. The level of maturity shown by these two young individuals has been impeccable and will go a long way in promoting the ideologies of humanity, compassion, generosity etc.

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