“Priyanka Chopra’s thirst for being an achiever”


    The “Desi” Piggy Chops who is spreading her magic in Hollywood with her American TV show Quantico and very soon with Baywatch , doesn’t want to stay limited or to stick to one genre of anything whether its music or films . She wants to experience everything and even much more.

    Thats why she says “I want to be an achiever” , and shared a few quality tips on how to be successful.

    According to her mantra , she says to realise one’s weakness and strengths , and once you are capable of doing so, shut your weakness in a box and throw it away and keenly focus only on the strengths which will be the ladder to your success.

    She says  “there is no luxury of quitting to become an achiever” and doesn’t want to regret in life later.

    She completed the first season of her first Hollywood television series Quantico where she plays the role of Alex Parrish , an FBI agent who is accused of terrorism.

     And right now she is busy doing the second season of the same which will go on air in September.

    We do wish  for you Priyanka , that your dream of being excellent at every task given to you may be fulfilled very soon.


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