Petya Ransom Attack: 3 Ways to Protect Yourself


    CNN has reported that over $1B has stolen from the business people because of the Cyber attack. However, this time only one attack has helped the hackers made billions of dollars in years. Petya Ransom Attacked over thousands of business in Eupore and the USA. Seems like that the hackers are targeting only bigger names in the industry first.

    We know that you don’t know much about the attack, then it’s for you to take this seriously to learn about the Petya Ransom Attack.

    What is Petya Ransom Attack?

    Hackers have created a way to get into your Windows PC and try to lock down important files on your PC. The Petya Ransom encryption is so thick that it takes FBI technical department to break it, which is impossible to get the FBI work on your PC.

    There is no way you can restore your Files and Documents, and your efforts are futile.

    How does this Petya Ransom Attack Works?

    The hackers demand $300 Bitcoin payment to decrypt your important files. In simple words, they are creating problem first to make you pay to fix it. 

    Who are They Targetting?

    Hackers are well-prepared because they are only targeting people with money. They are targeting business companies that generate millions of dollars in a year. Hackers primary target is the USA and Eupore, where most of the big time players do business. 

    The business nature they are targeting is Real Estate, Food (They have hacked Cadbury), Stock Broking, and more. 

    How to Protect Yourself?

    The whole world is working to protect your PC from Petya Ransom Attack. There isn’t any official release on how to fight it, but there are few major companies who are successfully protecting themselves. SO here are the three ways to protect your data from Petya Ransom Attack.

    #3 – Internet Security & Firewall

    Many of the businesses are connected to the Internet, and the lines are not secured with Antivirus and  Internet security programs. Make sure to install the Internet Security on all systems, and Turn on the regular “Auto Updates.”

    Have you ever heard of Windows Firewall? Kindly check if the Firewall is active and uninstall programs that take cares of the Firewall itself.

    #2 – Management Programs

    According to our research, Victims companies pass information from one PC to another, which means the highest chances of the Malware attack is coming from sharing remotely. Disable REMOTE sharing,

    Example: Kindly disable hard drive sharing.

    Victim PC were all running Management programs, so select the program wisely, and keep updating the files from time-to-time.

    #1 – Power Off

    The fastest way to avoid any further damage is to turn off. When the attack occurs, your PC will restart, and the below (Image) will start appearing on your screen. 


    You should TURN OFF the PC for half an hour, which will stop the encryption.


    We have come up with another solution for business OWNERS so that you can save you data and money. Instead of storing files on your hard drive, you should start storing your data on cloud services like “Dropbox, iCloud and more” because they have the best security. Even the Petya Ransom cannot take control over cloud storage.

    We know, if you follow the above techniques, then you have secured your Data.


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