Obama on his farewell European tour – We need course correction at global level !


     The term globalisation which  has been used in many political speeches , which has brought many benefits economically is again cropped up as a keyword of the former United States President Barack Obama in his farewell speech at the European Tour.

    Where he terms that the globalisation we have been chasing for , needs some “course correction” , indirectly addressing towards the growing inequality. Obama’s speech came at this valedictory lap , fully focused on the jittery allies and after the stunning election victory of Donald Trump.

    Obama says “ The path to globalisation demands a course correction” in a speech at Athens , before flying off to Berlin. “When we see others , the global elites , wealthy groups of companies who live seemingly different lives , we get a different sense of feeling!”

    “They live by different set of rules , avoiding taxes , manipulating things their own way , this feeds the essence of injustice in our very own people!” adds Obama.

    He was successful in showcasing his anger verbally , by addressing the huge gathering on the talks of the populist movements that has gained momentum in Europe and the United States as well , one such example is the Brexit Referendum.

    But let us remind you that the new President of America , Donald Trump has welcomed this Brexit referendum with an open arms , shocking those who were against this referendum , and it is obvious those were Hillary Clinton’s supporters.