Now Millions of JEE Aspirants can be a part of ‘Super 30’ as it Goes Online


Now Millions of JEE Aspirants can be a part of ‘Super 30’ as it Goes Online:

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Till now, Anand Kumar was shortlisting his students for Super 30 within his own state Bihar for those who could not afford coaching for IIT JEE, but now his teachings can be passed on to other aspirants through videos, live tutoring and online assessments as ‘Super 30’ is now set to go online. iScholar Education Services Pvt. Ltd a Bengaluru based company which has a mission to bring social change through imparting affordable learning content online has tied up with Anand Kumar.

iScholar has taken the initiative through iScholar’s “i30” JEE program to provide an on-demand online education and learning services to studentswho want to take high quality coaching from Anand Kumar but cannot do so because of being at far off locations.

What will be “i30”?

The idea behind i30 is to make Anand Kumar accessible to more and more students preparing for IIT entrances as he is the most successful IIT- tutor having nearly 100% admissions.His preparationnot only helps in clearing JEE Main but also aids in qualifying for the next step and finally securing admission in IITs by clearing one of the toughest entrance examinations i.e. JEE Advanced. This will be an affordable online program which can be taken from a student’s home itself. This will provide students comfort and convenience to study from the best in the country at their own place.

Anand Kumar along with his qualified team has designed a real time library for students enrolling in i30. This library will have high quality course work and mock tests. Students can attend live tuitions and interactive sessions with well-known faculty from IIT’s and other reputed institutes. Other features of this program will be Online/offline assignments, submit responses online/offline, automated evaluation and report on student progress. The online program can be accessed 24*7. Each student would be given his/her performance reports regularly.

Coming to the course fee of i30, this online course will be available for INR 9,999 for a year and curriculum will have 150 hours classes for Physics & Mathematics and 120 hours for Chemistry. Along with the classes, there will be 44 weekly assessments over a span of 10 months and 2 mock tests. If compared with other online JEE coaching’s for a year, i30 is very affordable.

Super 30 Founder to Launch Super 100

Anand Kumar plans to come up with super 100. In this program he would take meritorious class 10th pass students not only from Bihar but from all across the country and provide them coaching for IIT online. Anand says that priority will be given to underprivileged students to enter ‘Super 100’program. Though the program is to take aspirants from India but focus will be to intake students from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand as Anand feels these states have many villages which do not have facility to train kids for IIT’s and also these states have the most economically backward regions.

Along with this, Anand Kumar has plans to set up a branch of Super 30 coaching institute around Jamshedpur in a couple of years from now. He will conduct tests for underprivileged and economically poor students in this area and the success rate of these tests would confirm his plan to expand super 30 center.

Anand Kumar’s ultimate goal is to come up with a school from class 6-12 for students from the economically weaker sections. To fund his school, Anand plans to come out with printed books for the classes 6-12 whose sale proceeds would be used to build a school. This school need not necessarily prepare children for IITs.

All Super 30 Cleared JEE Advanced in 2017

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced results came out on Sunday, June 11, 2017 and this year too Super 30 has made headlines for making a record of all its students i.e. 30 out of 30 making their way to the IIT’s. Last year, 28 out of 30 candidates from super 30 had cleared IIT JEE Advanced. But this year, 30 out of 30 students cracked the exam. Poor farmers, egg sellers, unemployed father have got broad smiles and happiness within to see their wards get admission to the prestigious IIT’s.

In the last 15 years of Super 30’s existence, a total of 396 students out of 450 enrolled have got admission into the IIT’s. Super 30 founder Anand Kumar was extremely happy that all 30 candidates have cleared IIT-JEE Advanced this year. Hence, he planned to give Super 30 a much-needed expansion as the past record has been so impressive. After JEE Advanced 2017, Anand Kumar announced that his team would organize tests for selecting the students in different parts of the country and give all the details on their website.

What All You Know About ‘Super 30’?

Super 30 is a highly ambitious and innovative educational program running under the banner of “Ramanujan School of Mathematics”. It was in 1994 when Anand Kumar decided to give a new shape to his erstwhile mathematics club and formed a group of students whom he would train to get admission at IIT’s. Ramanuja School of Mathematics shortlists 30 meritorious talented students from among the economically regressive sections of the society and prepares them for India’s most prestigious institution –Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). This has been going on since the last seven years, and the school successfully produced hundreds of IITians from exceptionally poor background. At the Ramanuja School students are given absolutely free coaching, lodging and food as the super 30 targets students from extremely poor families.


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