Mohenjadaro Movie: Truth Behind Mohenjadaro’s Name


    Mohenjadaro was a city in the province of Sindh, Pakistan which was built in 2500 BCE before the British rule, before Indus was named as “India”. This city is called as the largest archaeological site in the Indus Valley Civilization.

    Indus Valley Civilisation ?

    The age between 3300-1300 BCE; mature period 2600-1900 BCE is known to be Indus Valley Civilisation, also known as Harappa Civilisation. During the Excavations in 1920’s by the Archaeological Survey of India, Indus Valley Civilisation was found and also was a great breakthrough finding the Mohenjadaro city.

    Truth Behind Mohenjadaro’s Name

    During the Excavation of the city in the Indus Valley Civilisation, large number of bodies was found at the place and they men there named it as “Mound of the Dead Men” and in the modern times it was led to be called as “Mohenjadaro” and it continued as the same name passing the time.

    Wiki says, based on the analysis of a Mohenjo-daro seal, Iravatham Mahadevan speculates that the city’s ancient name could have been Kukkutarma (“the city [-rma] of the cockerel [kukkuta]”). Cock-fighting may have had ritual and religious significance for the city, with domesticated chickens bred there for sacred purposes, rather than as a food source. Mohenjo-daro may furthermore have been a point of diffusion for the eventual worldwide domestication of chickens.


    Movies Based on Mohenjadaro

     Hrithik Roshan, leading an Important role in a bollywood movie “Mohenjadaro” explains about  the culture of the people during that times by analyzing the things and understanding the  history through excavation. And this couldn’t be perfect without the help of Archaeological Survey of India. Chekc out Mohenjadaro Movie Review Here .


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