Missing Computer Skills Of High School Students


It is obvious that young people and children are better oriented in the latest technologies and modern computer technology than the older generation. They have no problems with the development of modern means of communication, they are well-versed in the world of computer technology, are accustomed to new ways of searching for information, are “not afraid” and prefer to use different technological innovations. That is why the formation and development of the human capital of modern youth is qualitatively different from older generations.

However, can everybody among young people confidently calls themselves an advanced PC user and what does the lack of computer skills for students lead to? The Pro-Papers experts asked themselves such a question, rummaged researches and studied this topic in detail to give answers to all these questions.

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Based on the speed of development of modern technological trends in our information society, it is hardly possible to speak about the complete lack of computer skills of high school students. Rather, it is about the level of knowledge of these skills and computer literacy. So, according to recent research, the majority of students estimated rate of their computer proficiency as average. Typically, this level of proficiency includes the ability to work with all MS Office applications, knowledge of some “office” programs such as FineReader, Photoshop, etc. Only a small number of students assessed the level of proficiency as high. That is, they know some programming languages ​​and special programs. A little more in terms of the number of students call their level of computer skills as low at all, that is, they can only type and edit text and download certain files. Does this level of computer skills sufficient for young people, in terms of rapid development of computer technology? Of course not! Why and how to fix it – let’s look further.



Progress forges ahead. The use of modern information technologies is actively used in education. Personal computers allow you to find information, perform tasks quickly and efficiently. It improves the perception of the subject, which makes the execution of the task interesting, easy and understandable. Thanks to information technologies, modern teaching methods have become much more informative, as well as the quality of training and the speed of learning a subject or discipline have improved. Thus, due to lack of computer skills, the student may miss a significant part of the necessary information in education.


Today it is difficult to find a job that does not imply at least a minimum level of computer literacy among the applicant. Strong knowledge of PC is an essential requirement for getting a good job. The level of confident use is determined by a quantity and quality of computer software, both basic and special. The main programs include the following:

MS Office Office Suite (Word, WordPad, Excel, Power Point, etc.)

Graphic editors (for example, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator)

Knowledge of popular browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Yandex Browser) is also necessary, good knowledge of the work of the Windows operating system and less often – Linux is welcomed. Separately, it is worth noting that the excellent skills to work with such modern search engines as Google and Yandex are also required.

A confident PowerPoint PC user should be able to systematize information well and present it graphically in a clear form. The basis of working with the program is the ability to adjust its parameters, which provides significant time savings and high quality work. One of the easiest elements to use PowerPoint is to add photos and pictures.

A confident user of PC program necessarily points the experience of converting text into graphic objects (SmartArt and WordArt) and creating tables in the body (slides) of the presentation.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the ability to competently and present information through visual presentations. This requirement applies to specialists in various fields: from design to systems analytics and economics. And here you can’t outsmart the employer: the skills you have indicated will definitely be tested at the upcoming interview, so embellishment of knowledge has absolutely no practical meaning. Therefore, without the skills of working on a computer, the student is unlikely to succeed in obtaining the desired position.

How to fix it?

If you are now at a basic level or even a beginner, then you should not be upset. Now, thanks to the Internet, everything can be easily learned. If you really want to, then you will be able to say about yourself that you are a confident PC user very soon. But today this knowledge is very much appreciated, one can even say that they are vital for getting a good job and will help to move up the career ladder quickly. It is not necessary to be a very advanced user, but to feel confident with the computer is necessary today.

It makes sense to complete special training, get an official document. Additional education will make your resume more meaningful for your employer. When choosing courses, one should first of all pay attention to a good program, teaching methods, teachers’ professionalism, as well as the license of the educational institution to conduct educational activities.

The need for PC skills is growing every day, just as the demand for users who know how to handle a computer professionally increases every second. The ability to use a computer gives so many advantages to high school students – it greatly facilitates the learning process, allows you to quickly find a necessary information and reduces the time for doing homework in several times. If you want to feel confident in the labor market when choosing a profession, you should take care of your computer literacy even now.


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