The Hope, Scope, and Desperation of MBBS in Russia


The study of medicine is a dream owned by many at least at someplace in their life. Probably one of the noblest and hardest professions to follow. The struggle involves tonnes of complex emotions like sympathy, empathy, belief and a lot more than the inches-long textbook.

As per the report published by the agencies, the public healthcare system of the country operates at a concerning ratio of 0.08 doctors for 1000 people. The situation grows even more estranged in the rural and the lesser developed areas of the country. The numbers demote drastically when we consider only qualified and well-reputed doctors.

The irony of the situation is that despite the unfortunate conditions of the availability of qualified doctors, the country severely lacks the resources for training the countrymen into one. Just to achieve the prescribed ratio by UNESCO, India, as of today, needs a minimum of 10 Lakh doctors.


Now, the question emerges that does the young generation not aspire to be a doctor?

One can try to find the answer to this question among themselves. In a group of every five, chances are at least 3 would have had the aspiration to attain the white glorious coat at least once in their life, and two of them would have compensated their dreams because they could not take admission in the medical colleges and universities due to limited seats, the expensive fees or the high donation.

So, will this gap between the present and required numbers of doctors will ever be fulfilled?

This gap was seemingly huge until a few decades ago. However, various options have been discovered with time. MBBS in Abroad is now coming out to be a common choice among the young people of the country. Various European and Asian countries have joined the list of the aspirants who wish to pursue MBBS from Abroad. The list is topped by some of the most powerful names like that of Russia.


A trend-setting choice of MBBS in Russia

Studying MBBS in Russia has emerged out to be a popular trend among generation z. Thousands of students from all over the world go to Russia to pursue their MBBS studies, and a huge percentage of them are Indians. Possibly due to a good place in hearts of the commoners of both the countries for each other or the subsidized European studies, the reasons are limitless.

This limit of reasons is now aspiring to break the silver lining of MBBS in Russia as an alternative to a choice. The desperation to achieve one’s goal with pride and the lust of a global exposure has diminished the line to the state of negligible. These days, it won’t be wrong to state that MBBS in Russia has become a status symbol of quality and excellence.


MBBS in Russia: The Hope & Scope

The option to study MBBS in Russia has stirred the hope among the aspirers to pursue their dream and become the doctor they wish to be. The scope is abundant from the quality education, expertise skills, global exposure, European living standards, and much more.

Institutions like Rus Education, not only ensure their student’s admission but also aid the official paper works, travel plans, university stays, scholarships, and MCI training as well.

How does MCI Training help?

As per the notice of the Medical Council of India (MCI), it is now important for each foreign graduate of medicine to clear the FMGE exam in order to practice the profession inside Indian boundaries.

An MCI training helps you to prepare well for the exam and clear it with passing colours. Done exclusively by experts and ex-examinee the training features a focus on all the pressure points for successfully passing the exam.

With a little sneak peek in the nearby future, it will be important for every medical graduate (of India or outside India) to pass the NEXT Exam for practicing the profession.


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