Mathematics Of Life!


    While solving (simplifying) some mathematical equations a thought came to my mind ‘Can life be simplified?’ ‘What is the mathematics of life?’ and from here began thread of thoughts compiling.

    If there would have been some straightforward formula for life, things would have been simpler but unfortunately there is no such formula. To simplify life or rather any problem, we need to first understand the reasons that caused it and then seek solution for it. Mostly in life our emotions are the root cause of all the troubles. Things would have been simple if we had only brains and no heart(read as emotions).So is this heart, emotion undesirable??? I don’t know the answer to this question… and it’s a universal fact that emotions are there and we can’t get rid of them. So if we want to live a cheerful life, we need to understand the fact that they are going to stay with us life-long. Acceptance of reality is the ‘key’. Now once we have accepted that emotions are our integral part of our life we should not let them complicate our life. Like many a times we let our emotions control us, be it anger, love or happiness. In these situations if we let our brains work and learn to control our heart, the situations can always be under control and not complicate our life further.

    So here i would like to say that some simplifications can be brought in by imbibing virtue of discipline, ameliorating the situations we are worsening and following our ethics and values of life what world teaches us.


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