Know Why : Nokia Sued Apple In 11 Countries!


    Nokia Corp. has filed law suits against Apple Inc in 11 Countries for over 40 Patents which covers technologies like displays , softwares , chipsets and many more , reminiscing the battle between Apple and Samsung.

    Nokia already said that it was suing Apple Inc , accusing the iPhone company for violating the 32 Technology Patents and then the Finnish Telecom Equipment Makers said that they had filed over 40 Patent Suits.

    Nokia used to be the largest cell phone maker in the world before being dominated by Apple and other Android hand set makers , the predecessor believed that the iPhone making company Apple Inc. would not have made the popular smart phone without sharing its patents for the last few years.

    Nokia also claimed that it had filed the 40 patenets after doing a lot of investment into the research which it thinks needs to be returned from Apple. Not to forget the contract between the technology giants Apple Inc. and Nokia Corp was scripted 5 years ago and is going to expire on December 31.

    During the past 5 years , Apple had kept paying Nokia the royalties it deserved as per the contract but it seems that Nokia wants it to keep paying it along with licensing some additional patents that the Finnish Company has come up with.

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    But Apple refuses to qualify the Nokia’s demand and extorts its requests , but with the lawsuits into the picture the situation of the battle could definitely change!

    Clem Roberts , intellectual property lawyer at San Francisco attached with the lawsuit said that “Apple says that they want to pay low price and does not want to pay for Nokia’s future patents again.”

    He adds “But on the other side Nokia says that they don’t want that low price because they consider their patents worth of such a high price!”

    And the condition of Nokia could be understood because the iPhone wasn’t created on a green field but was built on what others had already created before the emergence of Apple.

    So with Nokia having a supreme advantage of moving to the US Supreme Court which had a rule 10 years ago that the patent owners could stop selling their devices if the patent was violated!

    With the legal battle against Apple , the shares of Nokia corp went down to 5 % at 4.496 Euros , which could even shore up the Finnish Company’s profits if Apple will not hold up the royalty payments to Nokia.


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