JNTU students protest for Faulty Correction, Educational Minister to look in to the isuue !


    JNTU Hyderabad: Students of JNTU affiliated colleges complaint and protest for the fake evaluation of exam papers and correction. 

    The JNTU engineering students raised a voice against the unfair evaluation of answer papers. 

    Student of Joginpally BR Engineering College conducted a protest on Monday with slogans we want justice, Demanding JNTU university to change the unfair correction and evaluation norms!

     “The university is concerned about the students not getting through the examination at the same time, is also concerned about the quality of engineering students passing out. A committee is constituted to suggest measures bring more transparency in the evaluation system.” TOI

    Students used Social media to express the condition, and a petition was started on Change.org under the name of Anonymous JNTU victim and got More than 10,500 supporters in the issue.

    The petition said, “Out of the five 10 mark questions, I attempted, as far as I remember, AT LEAST 60 out of the 75 marks in the paper. And by attempt I mean, I wrote them quite well which deserve AT LEAST half of those marks (30). And the pass mark is 26 which should’ve been a cakewalk. But no!

    I got 16. Yes, SIXTEEN. Now, does that make you understand how terrible JNTU is actually?”

    Some student also submitted a representation to  JNTU vice-chancellor demanding to know why they have failed despite answering all the questions.

    The Issue was noticed by KTR and was issued to the educational minister.  

    New Update in the Issue : JNTU Protest Students Demand To Spend 6 Mins Evaluating Each Answer Paper


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