JNTU-H : Permission granted for JNTU affiliated colleges to transfer their affiliation !


    JNTU Hyderabad: Jawaharlal University Hyderabad has announced a new update for colleges that states, Hyderabad colleges are free to change the affiliation of the university. 

    There have been many complaints on JNTU for their stringent rules and regulations. The colleges should follow some guidelines and rules to transfer the affiliation.

    ” During this academic year, a few universities expressed their desire to move out and seek affiliation with another university. This might be due to territory reasons or because we are strict about implementing rules. So, we have formatted some guidelines to make this possible,” said N Yadaiah, Registrar, JNTU-H. He added “We can’t hold back anybody by force. However, after the change in affiliation, colleges can’t seek re-affiliation to JNTU-H later. ” 

    In the Guidelines to transfer the affliction the college should clear all the previous dues and provide 10lakh rupees as Bank Guarantee.      

    “This is a great step. JNTU has hundreds of engineering, pharmacy and MBA colleges under it. This move will ensure that these universities get some income and have even better facilities” Telangana Pharmacy Colleges Association.                                                                                                                                                  


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