Jayalalithaa admitted in Apollo ICU, suffers with Cardiac Arrest


    Its confirmed that Jayalalithaa has been admitted in Apollo ICU due to an Cardiac Arrest on Sunday Evening in a Party. Apollo says that the cardiac arrest is a severe on and to pray for Jayalalithaa. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa suffers a Cardiac Arrest. She was admitted in Apollo and apollo statement suggests that she has support systems for heart and lungs during the treatment. 

    Such an Amazing Leading of Masses is going through such struggle and right now, every leader in the country and people are praying for the recovery from the cardiac arrest. Amma’s health condition is being  monitored by experts by the world.  

    Tamil Nadu Governor Vidyasagar pays a visit to Apollo Hospital to know the condition of Amma. Even many ministers and actors of south are visiting the hospital know her condition and pray for her health.

    Tweets on Jayalalithaa’s Health Condition

    Narendra Modi Tweeted –

    Let’s together Pray for the Wellness of Amma who’s being treated at Apollo hospital for Cardiac Arrest. Don’t spread Panic..

    Apollo Hospitals Tweeted –

    The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu who is undergoing treatment at Apollo Hospitals,Greams Road, suffered a cardiac arrest this evening. 

    Sir Ravindra Jadeja Tweeted –

    Come What May, She Has Been And Always Will Be The ‘Iron Lady’. Pray For .

    Lets pray for Jayalalithaa (Amma), the leader of the masses, the iron lady to her best recovery.
    Jai Hind.


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