Cumin which is popularly known as jeera is a common herb which is used in Indian kitchen and they are known for its medicinal benefits. Nutritionist advises to lead a healthy lifestyle.  It is important to“ start your day by drinking glass of jeera water”. Jeera water has numerous healthy benefits for skin, hair and health. All you need to do is to boil jeera seeds in water, then allow it to cool down and drink early morning on empty stomach.

    So let’s look on to the healthy benefits of jeera water-

    • Jeera water helps in promoting healthy hair as it contains essential nutrients that are great for your hair. It helps nourishes the roots of your hair. It reduces hair loss.
    • Jeera water contains high amount of Vitamin E and has anti-oxidant properties which prevent pre-mature ageing.
    • Jeera water is highly beneficial for your liver and stomach. The antioxidants present in cumin seeds can flush out toxins from your body and promote regular activities of various internal organs.
    • Cumin is known for rich in iron and jeera water is exceptionally good for  lactating and pregnant women.
    • People who are suffering from insomnia ( sleep disorder) then regular intake of jeera water is helpful to promote sound sleep. Several studies have found that cumin seeds can aid digestion. Intake of jeera water can enhance metabolism and keeps digestive system in track.
    • Cumin is very beneficial for women of all age group as it helps in maintaining healthy menstrual cycle.
    • Soak cumin seeds in a glass of water overnight and drink it in morning. This will help in facilitating liver which in turn relieves from acid reflux and gas
    •  Applying boiled jeera water regularly on skin makes it clear, toned and acne free.
    • Jeera water also helps in weight loss. By regular intake of jeera water helps in removing toxins and stimulates appetite thus aids in weight loss


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