Important Topics and Books to Prepare for Biology Section of NEET


Important Topics and Books to Prepare for Biology Section of NEET:


The best way to score high in National Eligibility cum Entrance Examinations NEET by meticulously preparing for the Biology section of the paper. The biology section of NEET 2018 will consist of 90 questions which makes for 50% of the question paper. Hence, attempting this section well is bound to lead you to a good score. Here’s how you can prepare for the same with zero difficulty.

Make NCERT your base

NCERT books are the best to build foundation of a subject. Start your preparation from NCERT books. The biology questions requires deep understanding of the subject. It is advised to go through chapters over and over rather than mugging things up. Marking important points while studying would help in revisions.

Make self-notes

One important preparation advice is to make notes by yourself. This may seem like a tedious process but proves to be very helpful to smoothen the revision process.You can cover the entire syllabus in a short period of time using these notes.

Get to know important topics

Some of the most important topics on the basis of previous year question papers are Genetics, Plant Kingdom, Reproduction, Animal Kingdom from Porifera to Echinoderms and Biodiversity. Students must also focus on Ecology, Biology & Human Welfare and Cell Structure & Function.

Be thoroughly Prepared with Diagrams

In almost every concept based chapter in the NEET Biology syllabus there are diagrams which further explain the concepts in detail. Hence diagrams form a very important part of one’s preparation. Such questions can be very scoring if a student has prepared well.

Consistent Revisions

Consistent revisions can help remember structures, facts and rules based on important things. It is advised to revise the entire syllabus thoroughly at least 3-4 times. This will enhance a student’s confidence and result in better performance during the exam.

Practice Multiple Choice Questions

Once you are done with studying the entire syllabus, try solving MCQ’s. This will help you have a wider understanding of concepts and help you excel this section easily.

Take Mock Tests

To judge your level of preparation, try taking multiple mock tests. This will give you a clear idea as to where you are standing as compared to other candidates. A range of mock tests are available online.Time yourself for improvement.

Recommended books for preparation

A good book explains difficult concepts in an easy way for students. Listed below are few books which you can refer.

  1. NCERT Class 11 and 12 Biology Book by NCERT
  2. Modern’s ABC Biology by AK Sabbarwal and BB Arora (Modern Pulishers)
  3. Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume I and II by KN Bhatia and MP Tyagi (Trueman Publishers)
  4. Trueman’s Objective Biology Volume I and II by Tyagi and Goyal (Trueman Publishers)
  5. Objective NCERT at your fingertips- Biology by MTG Editorial Board


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