Hyderabad Traffic Police beat the heat with their cooling jackets that reduces the temperature 6 to 12 degrees down !


    The temperature in the city Hyderabad is reaching peaks, the city temperature hit to 44degrees, there are around 200 deaths in Telangana due to the temperature, the locals are also suffering the intense heat and when it comes to traffic police, the public servants suffer the most taking the heat all day.

    The Government has planned to give traffic Police a little relief by distributing cooling jackets to the officers working under the heat, the jacket keeps down the temperature level 6 to12  degrees down and keeps the body cool compared to the surroundings for 3 to 5 hours depending on the environment.

    The jacket is very compatible easy to wear and wash and squeeze, the uniqueness of the product is that it remains dry even after the jacket is dipped in water.

    The Police distributed 200 jackets to the officers presently, ” If we feel that the 200 jackets are found to be useful, we will purchase more jackets for the remaining force in traffic wing,” Police said

    According to Times of India, the interesting aspect is that the jacket can be used for Winter also to keep the body warm, In winter the product can be used without dipping in water. Also, the policemen have a reflective vest on their jackets for the motorist to notice the policemen in the Night-time.

    The Police Press Note said, “The products are well-researched and tested for safety and performance, ensuring user’s experience is relaxed and performance oriented,” 


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