Hyderabad : 10 year girl Ramya dies,Hit by Drunk Engineering Student



    1. 10-year-old Ramya was on ventilator for over a week
    2. Accused Shravil and five of his friend were allegedly drunk while driving
    3. A case of “culpable homicide” was filed against Shravil
    Story Behind the news:


    A 10-year-old Hyderabad girl who was on a ventilator for over a week(July 1st) after she met with an accident has died in hospital. The car she was travelling in – along with her family – was hit by a speeding car allegedly driven by a drunk student.

    It was Ramya’s first day at a new school and her family had come to pick her up. On their way back, as their Santro neared the Banjara Hills area, an i10 – allegedly driven by 20-year-old Shravil – came speeding from the other side. It rammed the road divider and toppled onto the family’s car killing Ramya’s uncle Rajesh, who was behind the wheels, on the spot.

    Ramya, who was on ventilator support for eight days, has died last night. She was suffering from internal bleeding in her head.

    “Ramya had become brain dead and her stem cell reflexes had stopped,” said Dr J Gopikrishna of Care Hospital.

    Ramya’s mother Radhika, another uncle and grandfather had also suffered serious injuries in the accident.  Ramya’s mother was admitted to city’s Yashoda hospital with multiple fractures and it is only after a week she could see her daughter. Her grandfather, who suffered internal injuries, also underwent a surgery. RAMYA and her Uncle “RAJESH” has expired in this accident…

    The accused, Shravil, an engineering student, and his five friends had ended up at a local bar after missing a cinema ticket, the police said. He was arrested and a case of “culpable homicide” was filed against him.
    ”Our family is shattered because someone else was drunk and reckless. But no one in the government has reacted,” said Ramya’s cousin Vivek. Rajesh, 35,  was also to leave for the US a week after. His father-in-law Srinivas said, “the government should make this a test case on how terrible things can get because ”parents allow youngsters to drive vehicles even without a licence”.

    Investigating officer Srinivas that the engineering student did not even have a driving licence. The car belonged to the father of one of his friends. Taking cognisance of the tragic circumstances under which school girl Ramya’s death took place, a strong case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder has been registered against the 20-year-old engineering student, who was driving the vehicle without a license and in an inebriated state, Hyderabad Commissioner of Police M Mahendar Reddy said.

    The commissioner termed the death of Ramya, who battled for life for nine days, as heart breaking and as most unfortunate. “The accused is liable for punishment up to 10 years of imprisonment. All necessary evidence including the evidence of consumption of alcohol, CCTV Footage etc. have been collected to prove the guilt of the accused in court,” Mahendar Reddy said. A requisition has also been filed in the court to take the accused into police custody and to conduct his identification parade, Reddy said.

    “The Hyderabad City Police assures all possible measures will be taken to get the accused convicted in this case by charge-sheeting the accused at the earliest and conducting the trial through fast track,” he said. Meanwhile, P Venkata Ramana, Ramya’s father, said, “She was our princess… She is no more. Stringent punishment should be given to the accused.”

    One request for all the people from THE INDIAN TALKS……Your one mistake leads to loss of lives…

    Please don’t drink and drive..and also avoid rash driving…unless you have an emergency…
    Please think of the heart of the family members and their loss towards it….
    Hope you all do this….

    Thanks, SahityaReddy !!!!

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