How to Create Your Own Vape Juice


So what is it? It’s a delicious beverage that you can purchase at many different locations, including groceries and gas stations. It also can be purchased online, and is usually shipped directly to your home. The only catch is that it usually tastes pretty awful and sometimes has weird flavors that are very difficult to describe. But here’s a secret, no matter how bad the taste is, if you love the taste of Vape Juice, then you’re not alone! Over 3 million people in the United States alone enjoy this sweet juice on a daily basis!

So, what is it anyway? It’s simply a cool alternative to traditional cigarettes, that contains just a very small amount of nicotine. Now, a little more into the weeds of what exactly is Vape juice, you’ll get a little bit more into the technical weeds of what really is Vape juice.

When You Purchase Vape Juice

When you purchase Vape Juice, what you are really buying is an alternative form of nicotine replacement. Basically, all you are doing is replacing your nicotine with a very small amount of e-liquid, which evaporates as it goes through your vaporizer. The process of vaporizing e-liquid is much simpler than that of nicotine. Nicotine is a compound, which requires an external medium to absorb into your body. Since nicotine is not an organic substance, it cannot be absorbed through your lungs. Therefore, if you want to stay high, or get through the day, without getting discouraged, or distracted – go ahead and put some Vape Juice into your vaporizer.

In addition to containing nicotine, Vape Juice contains a variety of other Vape Juice ingredients. These ingredients are not extremely unique, but they are effective. For example, some juices will include vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin is a wax liquidizer substance derived from natural vegetable oils. In its purest form, vegetable glycerin is very similar to cream.

Vape Juice includes Vegetable Glycerin

The reason that Vape Juice includes vegetable glycerin is because it does not pass through the lungs. As it passes through the stomach and out of the body, the propylene glycol in the Vape Juice neutralizes the flavor of the vaporizer vegetable glycerin. If you were to drink just a small amount of Vape Juice, you would not notice any difference in the flavor of the liquid – it’s basically the same as if you were drinking a premade candy bar. However, if you drink a large amount of Vape Juice, you may notice a slightly different taste from the glycerin in the Vape Juice.

Some juice distributors include instructions on how to make Vape Juice with PG orVG. While the directions for mixing juice with PG andVG are included with every bottle of juice, you can mix your own mix by following some very simple guidelines. To make Vape juices with PG, you only need to add the distilled water to the juice maker in the same measure as you would for mixing your normal soda pop. If you are wondering how much to add, simply look at the back of the container and see the number next to “cks”. That number is the amount of water needed to make a cup of Vape Juice.

When you have created your own terpenes liquidizer using a vaporizing pitcher, you will then want to purchase a glass or stainless steel mesh to place in your meshot. This will help the vapor to spread throughout your meshot and create a cool, thick cloud of vapor. You will also need to purchase a meshot stand to put your Vape Juice in. Most meshot stands do not require any type of liquid container, but it is recommended that you use one to keep your Vape Juice from spilling. Using a mesh holder is also very easy, because it will allow you to just snap the shot holder on and be done with it.

After you have made your Vape Juice and added your meshot and stand, you will then want to heat up your juice pod. Place your water in the bottom of your juice pod and then place the pod into your juicer. Start squeezing and you should start to see steam begin to rise from the top of the juice pod. Once you have done this, remove the pod and fill your meshot with the fruit, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine salt pod. Replace the meshot into your juicer and you are all set. Vaping can be fun and delicious, so take some time and make your own juice and enjoy!


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