How it feels to be away from home!!!


    Away from home I have come to the Deccan world to do my MBA sometimes I find myself lost , sometimes vanished,sometimes webbed and sometimes weeping on my bed. Home for me is the most safe, secure and sound place on Earth where the crime rates doesn’t bother you at all. Where your room walls are actually baked just to shelter you to cozy you with the warmth . Whenever things go wrong there’s that picture that comes first to the mind home. That’s just not the place for survival and not for the sake of sheltering one self . I know I’m here for a reason , motive to do things at its best and to make my rest of the life best of the life but still the attachment is there but still my home resides in my heart and soul. 

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    I count my days here and try to make myself sure that yes, the time is near to go to home . I’m fighting with the whole lot of different specimen of this world , some are there to demotivate you and some to rejuvenate you , you have to fight against them all and shine . Though this is a difficult task to do but still no option. As success counts the sweetest of all. It all triggers my mind , plays with my emotions and muddles my head reminding me of my cozy comfy blanket and me surrounded by the safest pillars of my home. Home is home no matter how luxurious the other place be.


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