Brain dead is something what we have heard about.. Situation where in a person’s brain is not working and hence he or she is declared dead.. 
    But what if a person forgets how to live.. A person who forgets all emotions or remains indifferent towards everything.. 

    Love is the most amazing emotion in this world be it between two friends, with family members, with nature, with animals  or between two lovers.. 
    It’s a story of a girl who was in love ❤
    Love with everything around her.. Her family, her friends.. But things weren’t always so good for her.. Someone came in her life whom she fell in love with. He said  he loved her but for him love meant ownership and dictatorship wherein she was supposed to do only what was told to  her.. 
    She tried her level best to make him happy she even ignored what she loved because at that time she only loved him.
    But gradually she realized that even an animal is being loved but than its something different because that animal can never be at same position as that of its master. In a similar way she wasn’t in a relationship wherein there was equality. She was depressed and the person she was with didn’t care because he loved her that way.. Things worsened and then she decided to break that relation but even that wasn’t acceptable to that person. But somehow it ended and now she was alone. She had no love left for anyone or anything. She was HEARTDEAD.. One day when she was sitting alone in her garden near fire she saw a little bunny was  attracted towards the fire and while saving him she got burnt but still she saved him and that was when she realised that love too was like fire.. Sometimes you may get burn or you may have bitter experiences in your life but it doesn’t mean that you stop loving.. 
    Find love in things  or the people around you and save yourselves from getting heartdead..


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