Healthy Food to Add to your Diet from this New Year !!


    Bring out the ‘new you’ This New Year and go healthy way.

    To help you to kickstart the new year in a healthy way I m here with the list of 7 super foods which are proven by experts as nutritious, which will super which will help you to get on to the track of super- a healthy body.

    So let’s look on to the list of healthy foods-

    1.  Nuts 

     All the nuts especially walnuts and almonds have different nutritional properties like fibre, protein, minerals, vitamins which will offer various health benefits. Eating these nuts will help in keeping your heart healthy and helps in reducing inflammation.


    contains superior anti-oxidant and it is useful to fight cancer and also contain a number of neuroprotective compounds which supports brain health.


    have been so popular because it contains vital nutrients and fibre which capable of increasing intellectual ability and also helps in reducing cholesterol. Eating raw almonds is a healthy snack as it has a great source of vitamin e which helps in maintaining skin health.

    2.   Yogurt 

    Yogurt smoothes skin and soothes the stomach. A cup of yogurt a day keeps your bone strong, benefit for the digestive system and helps immunity.  Yogurt is a high-protein food, power boosting protein and calcium. So don’t forget to add it to your diet.

    3.   Flax seeds

     Flax seeds have been consumed as food for around 5000 years and it has numerous benefits. Experts and nutritionist recommend a tablespoon of flax seeds a day to meet essential and daily nutritional requirement. These seeds are cholesterol free and good for the heart. Regular consumption of flax seeds is good for skin, help prevent cancer, aid digestion and weight loss

    4.   Turmeric 

    Turmeric has powerful medicinal properties which can destroy cancer cells. It can heal wounds and can boost immunity.  one should take turmeric milk as it is a healthy and great tonic which aids chronic disease. Turmeric has been regarded as an excellent detoxifying agent which can purify blood. It clarifies skin.

    5.  Green vegetables

     These are a major source of iron and calcium which can improve immune function. Frequent consumptions of green leafy vegetables help in gaining an excellent source of protein. Green vegetables make up a significant source of vitamins A, C, E and K. They are rich in fibre, extremely low in fat and carbohydrates.

    6.   Pomegranate 

     it is a healthiest fruits. Pomegranate is loaded with important nutrients which have incredible benefits for your body. It helps in fighting arthritis and joint pain because of its anti-inflammatory effects. Regular consumption of this healthy fruit or in form of juice helps in reducing all sorts of diseases


    7.  Oats 

    oats are a whole grain that is commonly eaten as a breakfast. They are rich in fibres which help in lowering cholesterol levels. It has topped the healthy charts because it is protein packed, vitamin E  which boost energy level and helps to lead a healthy lifestyle. A bowl of oatmeal keeps diseases away.


    So add these super foods to your daily eating and make yourself healthy, active and fit.       


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