Effective Preparation Tips for Scholarships


India lays particular emphasis on various competitive exams. If a student wants to study engineering, medicine, or arts; they must clear the respective competitive exam to secure a seat in the best colleges. There is no doubt that competitive exams are the gateway to the best educational institutes. Any student aspiring to become an engineer or doctor should start preparing as early as possible. Students who are presently in class 10th should waste no time and get started towards their career. The first and foremost thing to do is join a coaching institute – especially if a student is looking to become an engineer or a doctor.

When students are equipped with necessary tools, they are likely to do better. Coaching institutes provide students with everything they need to ace competitive exams like JEE and NEET. However, today we will talk about scholarships offered by these coaching institutes and how to prepare for their exams.

A scholarship is an excellent aid for students from all social backgrounds, and it is much more than just financial assistance. Aakash Institute provides 100% scholarships across all their courses. ANTHE (Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam) is conducted by Aakash Institute every year and is a gateway to their coaching classes. It is a scholarship exam that provides students with an opportunity to succeed. By scoring well in ANTHE, Aakash provides scholarships for 10th passed students for their esteemed JEE and NEET courses.

  1. Focus on Weaker Areas

Students who have passed 10th and are looking to study at a coaching institute should start working on their weaker areas. Since students at this stage are already studying physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics; they should start identifying where they lack and start preparing accordingly. Most scholarship tests also have the mental ability section that a student must prepare.

  1. Organize the Surroundings

Clutter-free surrounding gives way to a mind devoid of confusion. Creating a positive learning environment is necessary when a student is preparing for an exam and not just ANTHE or some scholarship exam. Organize books, notes and learning material. Declutter the study room and make sure only things that are necessary occupy the table. Also, things like having a comfortable seating position are essential. A student should make sure that all distractions are away, and they can prepare thoroughly for their exam.

  1. Managing Time

Students preparing for scholarship exams know that managing time along with studies can be a difficult task. Learning effective time management and inculcating them into the preparation should be the first task. Time management is a skill that every student should know and apply it thoroughly for all tasks. Having a structured approach, mainly by following a timetable and sticking to it is the way to go for best results.

  1. Practising Previous Year Papers

Once students are confident in their preparation for the scholarship exam, they should test it by appearing in previous year papers. Practising previous year papers is a proven way to prepare for any exam including scholarship. These papers provide students with an insight into the examination pattern, while also helping them understand the level of difficulty and what to expect from the exam itself.

  1. Take Regular Breaks, Focus on Studying and Use Interactive Study Material

For students who are preparing for scholarship exams, it is imperative to focus on studying and not just aim at winning the scholarship. Taking regular breaks between two study sessions is necessary to keep the focus intact. Furthermore, students should source and study from interactive study material as it helps them in knowing a concept better, especially the ones where they are lacking.

ANTHE conducted by Aakash Institute offers scholarship for 10th passed students. Winning this scholarship is a great way to prepare for JEE or NEET independently. Enrolling in a coaching centre is a must and students must take it seriously if they wish to study from the best engineering or medical colleges in India. Exams like ANTHE pave the way for students towards their dreams.


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