Do Foreign Universities Grant Admission Based on JEE Main Score?


Candidates who appear for JEE Main exam wish to get into leading engineering institute in India but what if you get a college abroad through the same exam? If you are also wondering whether you can gain entry at any of the foreign universities armed with your JEE Main score, then this is for you.

International universities have very stringent admission criteria and hardly consider any entrance tests of Indian origin. Shortlisting for admission is done considering candidate’s academic standing, articulation skills, recommendations from teachers and school counselors and scores of tests such as SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE etc. Some universities do accept GATE score too, for graduate studies. As for undergraduate studies at foreign universities, the only institution taking a score of JEE Main Examination is the National University of Singapore (NUS).

NUS is known as a research-intensive, innovative institution that features consistently amongst the top 30 universities in the world as per both QS and the World University Rankings. Now, coming to NUS giving credit to JEE Main Scores. The score is not treated as the sole entrance criteria for admission in UG program at the NUS. Instead, a top rating in JEE Main is counted amongst outstanding achievements in line with IOC, Asian Olympiads, National Science Olympiads, Arts/Music, Sports, Club/Society/Community Service, etc.

In terms of contribution to JEE Main’s score to admission decisions, NUS is clear that achievements at the national level like in the case of a JEE Main topper ‘may have’ some influence. The university specifies categorically, that academic merit is the primary decisive factor for an admission application through exceptional rank in top university entrance exams.

The admission decision-makers acclaim a high level of achievement or leadership positions in activities like international science olympiad medals, top national awards, national team athletes and top scores in national competitions. So, there is no reason to believe that since you have a decent score in JEE Main, NUS would be bound to offer you admission. JEE Main score is considered an achievement outstanding enough as per NUS standards.

Now, let us examine the other criteria for UG admission at the NUS.

Requirement High School Board Qualified Candidates Candidates appearing in board finals
Minimum to apply CBSE, ISC & State Boards Latest high school exam results
Meritorious scores in 5 subjects including English Final results have to be submitted before June in the admission year with meritorious scores in 5 subjects including English
Course Eligibility Eligible for all courses Not eligible for Dentistry/Law/Medicine/Nursing

Depending on the availability of eligible applicants, additional aptitude test may be conducted for the Architecture/Industrial Design programs to determine course eligibility.

ACT with Writing / SAT & SAT Subject Tests Not required for CBSE/ISC candidates.

It is required for State Board candidates. (either ACT with Writing or SAT, together with SAT Subject Tests has to be submitted. You may also offer ACT with Writing instead of the SAT.

Application Submission Deadline March 31, 2019

Since you have already appeared for JEE Main, let us assume that you are inclined towards engineering programs only. The academic eligibility conditions for engineering majors at NUS are presented below:

Programs Eligibility Criteria Selection test/ Interview
 Biomedical Engineering Qualified High School Final or Year 12th or higher, with Mathematics and Physics or Chemistry. NO
Materials Science & Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Industrial & System Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Engineering Science Qualified High School Final or Year 12th or higher, with Mathematics and Physics.
Environmental Engineering Qualified High School Final or Year 12th or higher, with Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics.
Chemical Engineering
Architecture Qualified High School Final or Year 12th or higher, with Chemistry or Mathematics or Physics or Physical Science. Yes

As of now, JEE Main is not precisely an admission criterion or even a preference criterion for admission in most foreign universities. Even the National University of Singapore may consider the test score only if you are the top scorer and no less as an extraordinary achievement which somewhat influences your admission decision. Under the circumstances, if you wish to pursue higher education at any of the foreign universities, it is advisable to check the admission prerequisites and apply only if you fulfil the same.



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