Difference Between Special Status and Special Package


    As we know after Telangana divided from Andhra Pradesh state, this has affected the economy of AP widely. There is a lot of deficit and no metro city in the state. This led to a lot of problems like no industries which can provide employment for the youth as all the Development has happened in Hyderabad and all the major companies are established in Hyderabad. 

    During the bifurcation, the ruling government Congress and the Opposition BJP during bifurcation gave promise and hope for AP people about Special Status. But as time passed, the present CM Nara Chandra Babu Naidu garu got convinced by the ruling government which is BJP about the special packages for the state. 

    So let’s see the difference between Special Status and Special Package: 

    Sno Special Status Special Package
    01. Tax Incentives

    • 100% income tax exception
    • Corporate tax exception
    • Excise duty exception
    • Customs duty exception
    (C&D won’t be there separately once GST implemented but centre should reimburse the equivalent amount )
    Enhance Investment Allowance                                                                                                        
    02. 30% Capital investment allowance Accelarated depreciation
    03. Centre will reimburse insurance premium for industries. With money from centre, Govt can build Roads and buildings
    04. 3% interest subsidy on loans taken to setup industries Unemployment remains same
    05. Transport charges will also be reimbursed Good buildings and Roads doesn’t increase state economy
    06. 50% discount on power bills
       Share the information widely so that everyone will understand what is special status and what people get from this. If you like to add something do add in the below comment section. 


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