Dawood Ibrahim’s Son’s Wedding | Dawood to attend the wedding via Skype !!


    Dawood Ibrahim, the famous Underworld Don was attending the wedding of his youngest son of Dawood’s sister who is the only son in their KaanDhan  was getting married to Dawood’s Nephew.

    The wedding is on Wednesday and Dawood will be attending the wedding via Skype,There were plans of Dawood attending the wedding Physically but he did not want to create Chaos,he decided to attend the wedding virtually through Skype from Pakistan.

    Dawood’s only son who is getting married,as the another son had died in a road accident,The Nikah will take place in a mosque in South Mumbai.

    Dawood has his men on the spot that take care of the whole event security and Dawood’s bother is taking care of the event.

    Dawood had recently an attack on him from the Chota Rajan people and he is taking the help of the officers to make the wedding go smooth.                                                                                                                                               


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