Dare to Answer these questions who Smoke Daily

    Disclaimer: This article is not to criticize smokers ,it’s just to know them some values of their parent’s and their future!
    Firstly I’ll show you some interesting facts which you know already :-
    What is smoking?
    (the action or habit of inhaling and exhaling the smoke of tobacco or a drug.)
    emitting smoke or visible vapor.
    A line by some person:- Smoking is the largest cause of preventable death in the world. Recent studies have found that smokers can undermine the health of non-smokers in some environments.
    Another fact that everyone knows
    Smoking Causes Cancer (this is a funny joke for smokers)
    I think These shit Facts will be known already who smoke daily. so, coming to my questions . I have some limited questions to ask directly to students if you are ready to answer these questions you can comment below directly .
    My intention is just to stop smoking from college life itself

    Questions to Students :- 

    1. First day of your smoking ?
    2. who inspired you to smoke ?
    3. How much money will you spend on cigarette Daily in your pocket money?
    4. What is the usage of smoking (tell any 2 uses)?
    5. what is your feeling when your siblings saw you that you are smoking?
    6. if you don’t have money to smoke today what is your idea to buy a cigarette?
    7. your parents know that you are addicted to smoke??
    8. if you become a dad to a child then you got to know that your child is smoking , what is your feeling ??
    9. if you dislike smoking your child smoking  in future then y do u smoke when you’re a child? ?
    10. if your uncle saw u smoking near college then what is the situation when your uncle tell your parents ?
    11. if your parents say about you that you are my breathing to other people in front of you what you think?
    12. when your dad is crying for the reason of your smoking addiction then will u stop smoking?
    13. Is the addiction of smoking can stop by dad’s warning?
    14. if you get cancer for the sake of smoking will you teach your juniors to stop?

    These are my Questions who smoke daily near colleges and make fun!

    Guys, I’m not trying to criticize you but please think about future !
    Hope you Understand my Intention!.
    Your Friend! 


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