CBSE : No re- evaluation of Class 12 Marks from 2017 !


    The “Central Board OF Secondary Education” will now discontinue its age long practice of re – evaluating marks for all the subjects from the next year , 2017.

    At present , the board re – evaluates marks of atleast 10 out of 250 subjects when the student feels unsatisfied with his or her marks.

    However , this practice is not that old as said above , as it just started in 2014. But it  did take two ages to continue this practice!

    Why this good practice is being put off , is a question which has been asked to a Senior CBSE Official and he says “There is a simple reason for discontinuing as we have been receiving very few requests for re – evaluation and among all of them , we found a very number to be genuine one!”

    “Just about 1.8 per cent of the candidates applies for re evaluation from such a huge number of candidates appearing for the Board Exam every year!” he adds.

    “The percentage of genuine requests are just meagre 0.05 percent which would be about around just 500 candidates who prove their genuineness” he signs off.

    However , he is right as the CBSE has incorporated three tier system to evaluate a student’s answer sheet , hence leaving very less scope for any error in marking.

    As the CBSE has also ready to conduct Compartmental Examinations every year , so given this pressure , and with low number of re – evaluation of requests , it has decided to put this scheme on back burner.

    But what about those 0.05 percentage of genuine students ? The internal committee member said “We will definitely look into their matter and take a decision.”

    Right now , the Class 10 dual system is creating a lot of havoc in both the student and parent’s life , making them doubt on the CBSE’s optional nature of Class 10 Boards. 


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