Brace Yourself, Research reveals the Right Age to Get Married, Check if you are Next !


    New research says that getting married at a much older age may no longer be the best move for those wanting to avoid divorce. Now when you will be thinking about marriage, there will be another aspect to take into consideration.

    If you are thinking this is something another philosophy of relatives of getting married at the right age, then you are wrong. It is our scientist’s research which revealed right age to get married, so check it out if it’s your turn.

    Now you wont be handling kids at your early 20’s

    You won’t be pressurized by your relatives to get married early.

    No one will force you to do over makeup saying that “sharmaji ka beta bhi aane wala hai shaadi me”.

    No more torture at your 20’s saying that “Yehi sikahaya teri maa ne”

    Now no one will say to get a job at the earliest, saying that “ladki dhundni hai tumhare liye”.

    The reason behind the specific age bracket is that it is perfect for getting married since a person becomes more mature as they move from the late twenties to early thirties.

    Well, looks like people who are 25 years already have to plan not just their career but their married life too. The study reveals that people who get married in the age bracket of 28-32 years have least chances of getting divorced.

    If these studies are true, we guess we all should plan our marriage in advance. If not anything, divorce, economic conditions, and many more important things are dependant on this right age of marriage. On a positive note, our parents and aunties at weddings will feel so happy that there’s some science behind their marriage ‘gyaan’.


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