Bob Dylan’s take on receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature!


    Bob Dylan , finally spoke on the Nobel Prize for Literature conferment on him , and says he is “speechless” . This has given a huge sigh of relief to the Swedish Academy who has been calling him continuously to know his acceptance on this prestigious prize.

    He was on a call with the Academy , where he was asked , “Do you accept the prize?” and the affirmative reply came from his side, “Ofcourse!”. This all happened only after a fortnight , when he was announced as a recipient of the Prize. He says “News about Nobel Prize left me speechless , don’t know what to say now! I appreciate this honor so much , that words cannot express!”

    The Academy was earlier worried as Dylan did not make any public statement nor received their innumerous phone calls yet was busy performing at a live concert and later on one of the insider of the Academy said , “If he wants to accept  , he would obviously respond to it later on!”. And one of the members called him as “impolite and arrogant”.

    They were indecisive of whether Bob Dylan would visit Stockholm and receive his prize , but later in an interview right after attending the phone call with Swedish Academy , Bob Dylan made a statement , “Absolutely , I will attend , it is hard to believe this news. It is amazing incredible!”

    Enquiring of why he was not able to answer the calls , he laughs and said “Well , now I am right here.” The Academy does not know whether he will sing a song or have a performance after the award ceremony , he will do what he desires to do!”


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