Black lady of Liberty


    In a bid to mark 225th anniversary of US Mint and Treasury, new commemorative collector coin bearing the first ever black lady of liberty which is worth $100 wil be sold to public starting from April 6. The gold coin has the image of a black woman with a crown of stars and a toga like dress. The reverse side shows the image of bald eagle in flight.

    The black lady is a first in the series of the commemorative coin the future ones might show Asian-American, Indian-American, Hispanic American to represent the ehtnic and culturally diversified people of the United States. The coin is designed by Justin Kunz.

    After the election debates about race, culturally different people, immigration control comments by Donald Trump, this step has come as a move toward inclusion, harmonious growth. As commented by the US mint chief of staff “we as a nation continue to evolve and so does liberty’s representation”. Also Barrack obama in his farewell speech highlighted that it would be the biggest defeat of American democracy if there exist some people who are deemed to be less american than others.

    Lady liberty is one of the most significant symbols possessed by USA which represents friendship as it was gifted by France to US to celebrate America’s first 100 years as a nation,With broken shakles it represents the freedom from slavery,oppression and tyranny and a step toward dignity, veneration and freedom. The torch in one hand is a symbol of enlightenment to the world, the tablet in another hand which represents education to all. Because statue of liberty is a symbolic imposing figure of great idealogy and not a statue of a person it can afford to be Black, African,Asian,Hispanic etc.

    Also the move is certainly in the right direction because not only this move represents cultural inclusion but also shows Women empowerment as Women are still underrepresented in US currency especially in paper bills.


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