Being an extroverted introvert.


    Being surrounded by confident extroverts all my life, I had always thought of being the same. I was bought up in a modern environment, with the oh so hyped convent educated tag. But never had it occurred to me to sit and think about myself as an individual at first. Being on this journey of self-actualization  (though in my 20’s) what I’ve truly realized is that I’m a extroverted introvert

    These jargon are confusing enough on their own and adding to the misery I’ve clubbed two poles apart together. But trust me most of us so called out going “extroverts” can related to the same. Have you ever encountered a situation where in a room full of people, friends or even family you find yourself completely zoning out in another world. One moment your laughing, talking, socialising with the people around and in the very next moment a different kind of need to isolate yourself from everyone and everything around hits you right in the guy. 

    In that moment you feel like barging right out of that room to somewhere quiet and peaceful. Also what most people don’t understand about extroverts is that they are not always keen on talking and in such times they are not necessarily in a bad mood. I can’t even express how many times I’ve actually faked a bad mood to get out of conditions where people just wanted to talk and share with me.

     The world needs to understand this so bad,  that even extroverts need to be alienated at times, their are times when they don’t want to be the helping and the chatting one. Their are times when we need someone to be the hearing aid for us and guide us out of situations created because of our overall enthusiasm and zeal.

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