“Away from my land ” !!


    I still remember that day, boarding the flight to my future home for the next two years with blurry eyes and a jittery gut, my mom on the side with the heaviest heart and a dream in the head to create the best version of me. Fast Forwarding straight to the evening when I bid my goodbye to her, couldn’t cry rivers because, well I’m not that kind of a person. But not in my wildest dreams had I ever thought it would be this difficult. Sitting among new faces, awkward stares, eating alone, Damn it’s hard. 

    Thanking my stars for what happened next, I met these awkwardly innocent and warm human beings. Some were too different for me, there were matters where our thoughts would be poles apart and not everyone was fond of all my attributes. But despite all the friction which existed, there is a bond which keeps us all entangled. A bond which brings us all together for we are in this together 🙂 And these people will always have a peaceful of my heart, a time of my life which was truly dedicated to every moment we all spent together. IBS and Hyderabad have given me people and memories I’m gonna cherish forever  , and recall one day with teary eyes in a cubicle surrounded by the world which be alien on new levels. As an ode to those who made my life much easier than what it could have been, this blog is dedicated to all those who have made Hyderabad finally home for me. Thank you for bearing with the mess that I am, and being there at times when I really needed those home feels 🙂 Cheers to the times coming up. We’ll make the best out of worst whenever needed 🙂


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