A walk down the memory lane


    As we smile, laugh, cry, dance, sing, live; we create memories. Every step that we take, every decision we make; we store them all in our brain and call them memories. But certain memories are more prominent than the others.

    Why are some memories unforgettable? Why do we play some memories in a loop? Why can’t we let go of them?

    Some of the memories are closer to our hearts, are more special and significant to us. We associate memories with the people involved in creating them. People who matter to us, are the same ones who we give the ultimate power to make us smile or cry. Moments with these people have significance in our lives and thus when we walk through the memory lane, memories with these people fill in our minds.

    It is not just the people who influence our memories, it is also the emotions we associate with it, that makes certain moments memorable. Extreme emotions like happiness, embarrassment, sadness or fear when associated with a situation, leave an ever-lasting impact on our minds and lives. These memories are hard to fade, sometimes even emotionally damaging.

    Sitting on a chair, sipping a hot cup of tea, on a rainy morning, memories flood in and taking us into a completely different world of our own. Without memories, life would be an empty space. Memories make life worth living and more than just surviving. Though, it doesn’t do too well to dwell only on memories and forget to live.

    The Ineffable Dreamer. 


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