8 December ’16 : Rahul Gandhi marks today as Black Day and says Paytm means Pay to Modi !


    Rahul Gandhi the Vice President of BJP’s opposition party Congress has once again demonstrated his full fledged opposition to PM Modi’s demonetisation scheme. With the Opposition marking the first month of the demonetisation as the ‘Black Day’ on Thursday alleged that BJP’s move to scrap the high denomination notes was benefitting digital wallets like Paytm , MobiKwikk , Freecharge while the poor section of the society were left in lurch.

    Rahul also accused Modi who is still need to speak on this issue in the Parliament of ‘laughing at the sufferings of the common man!’ It is more than 2 weeks of the winter session of Parliament which has lost due to disruptions from the Opposition over the government’s November 8 decision to scrap the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes which made the economy reeling.

    The Opposition had a fair demand to conduct a debate on the issue with a vote , and all what the BJP did is ‘rejecting’ the fair decision discussed in the Lok Sabha. The sources in BJP on Thursday said that “Prime Minister is expected to discuss about it and may also intervene ina debate over this issue (demonetisation) in the Lok Sabha today.”

    Gandhi says “Kisans (farmers) are dying , more than 100 people are dead , and all this while our PM is having fun and is laughing at those who lost their lives due to his ill scheme. He has taken such a foolish decision.”

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    Rahul Gandhi After Attending A Parliament Session , New Delhi.

    Rahul Gandhi was speaking to the media outside the Parliament Building where he said “ His (PM Modi’s) narrative is changing . First he was talking about black money and then about terrorists and then to counterfeit money. And now he moved to cash less economy. The way he is jumping from one topic to the other makes even a fool understand how well prepared he was to implement the demonetisation scheme in India where 85 % of population relies on daily wages!”

    He added “He is coming today (on Thursday) to discuss about it , and we are going to catch him inside the House , he just can’t run away like that. Not going to leave him until we get a proper answer about the welfare of the Indians.”

    He wittingly took a jibe at both Paytm and Modi by describing ‘Paytm’ as ‘Pay To Modi’. Paytm which is an Alibaba backed company has seen a great surge of around Rs 100 Crore transactions by citizens post the demonetisation scheme.

    Now Gandhi while leaving for the debate in the House said that “we want voting at the end of the debate and I know the BJP is scared of the count of votes by the members of the treasury bench who could vote against them.”


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