7 Secrets Of MBBS in Russia Revealed!


With over 20,000 students choosing to study medicine, Russia has the second-highest influx of Indian students after China.

The closed Indo-China borders and the stressed relations between both countries in the past few years, has caused several Indian students studying MBBS in China to seek out a mid-course transfer in various countries of Middle East Asia and Europe.

Therefore, an increased number of students are going to Russia to pursue their MBBS abroad. 

One must have repeatedly heard about the various advantages of studying MBBS in Russia. Some of these benefits include detailed descriptions of affordable and feasible fees in the top universities, global recognition, reputation, world-class facilities, etc. Surely these benefits often entice the young minds promising filmic life with an extravaganza of scenarios.

As a result, the students often find themselves in a dilemma concerning the reality of medical education in Russia. So here are some of the lesser-known facts about MBBS in Russia that can help in choosing to live up to your aspirations. 

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  1. Focus On The Practical Learning


    Several government medical universities of Russia like Orenburg State Medical University, are known for providing strong academic foundations among the students. The main feature of studying MBBS in Russian universities characteristically features facilitating and emphasising the pragmatic aspect of the learning process. 

    For this, the Russian medical universities incorporate the use of practical teaching and learning strategies. Medical studies in Russian universities ensures that the students are not confined within the classrooms in order to learn. As a measure to that, the medical curriculum often includes various instances of clinical exposure in parts from the second year of studies onwards.

    Association with the most experienced and reputed education provider like Rus Education for MBBS  in Russia can allow you to get that exposure during your semester break in India at a leading hospital chain, Max Healthcare.

  2. Constructive & Student-Centric Education

    One of the core features of studying in top government medical universities of Russia is the use of the most newfangled learning strategies such as constructive learning. As per this strategy, the learning among the students is built up by a series of multisensory approaches. This results in facilitating the creation of the swotting atmosphere where the student is in the centre.

    Universities like Mari State University often is the hub of research-based learning for the students, as the teaching methodological strategies help in motivating and encouraging the students towards participating in the research practices of the field of their interest, thus adding the brownie points in their overall learning process.

    In several cases the students often may find themselves in several groups of 5 to 7 teaching, learning and growing together. This method often referred to as peer tutoring and group learning, not only helps in enabling the students to learn but also helps in making them comfortable.

  3. Expert Facilities
    Another feature of studying MBBS in Russia is that you get to meet up with some of the most esteemed names in the field of medicine and research. If one gets lucky, they can even get to interact and learn directly from them. Participation of doctorates of various fields, candidate of medical sciences,  laureates of the State Prize, Honored Scientist of Russia, Honored Worker of Higher School, honored doctors of Russia, winners of the regional awards of outstanding scientists in the universities of Russia, makes up an formidable faculty best suited to provide diverse and quality learning.One of the oldest medical universities of Russia, Perm State Medical University has approximately a staff of 569 highly-qualified lecturers constituting  87.7% of the faculty members who have a medical degree. This is the highest among the medical universities of the country and among the universities of the Perm region.
  4. Individualised Education

    An additional benefit that the students of MBBS in Russia often realise later in their journey, is the importance of individual education. However, following the best practice of student-centric education, Russian medical universities often maintain the optimum student to teacher ratio in its classroom which is generally 7:1.

    Having a teacher over just the seven students helps the teacher to identify and cater to the individual learning needs of the students. Depending upon which the teacher can strategize his/her teaching in order to address them. The individual attention of the teacher might feel overwhelming to the students during the initial stages. For this the teachers and university arrange several ice-breaking activities.

    Though the entire process might seem dubious at the earlier stages, however, soon even the student realizes the importance of this when they start to get the glimpse of real life. 

    Teachers at Russian medical universities are known to have a friendly relation with their students throughout their journey of 6 years and at times even after that. 

  5. Coaching for USMLE, FMGE/NExT, etc

    One of the major worries for almost all the students opting to study MBBS abroad is ‘what after it’. One must remember, if you wish to practice medicine in any country other than that from which you have graduated, you are required to appear and qualify for its medical screening exam. For India, this exam is called as Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE), for the USA it is called the United States Medical Licensing Examination  (USMLE), for the United Kingdom it is the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board test  (PLAB) and so on.

    The students at the top government medical university of Russia get the coaching for these exams during their course of study itself. The university invites several subject matter experts on various subjects of concerns as well as alumni & achievers you have already qualified for the exam to share the tips and tricks for qualifying the exam.

    As for India, though the FMGE will be replaced by the National Exit Test (NExT) by 2023, however, the Russian universities have already started training their students to perform their absolute best for the same exam.

  6. Common Culture Aspects With India

    India and Russia have been a close associate influencing each other since old times. The history between the countries dates back to the 15th Century when Afanasy Nikitin, a Russian merchant from Tver and one of the first Europeans to travel to and document his visit to India. Gujarati traders settling in Astrakhan and the establishment of the Russian theatre in Kolkata have all brought peoples of our countries closer. Russian literature and thinkers like Leo Tolstoy, Alexander Pushkin and others have had a profound influence and contribution to Indian literature and thoughts.

    The influence between both the countries can be seen in its culture and customs. Many Indian students may find several cultures and superstitions similar in the foreign land, making it not so foreign anymore. Beliefs like black cat crossing path, breaking a mirror, hiccups, etc are quite prevalent in the local Russian household just like those in India.

    All these points form a bigger picture of  Russia as a comfortable option among the top destinations of MBBS abroad for Indian students.

  7. Low Cost Of Living

It is already a well established fact that Russian universities provide an affordable medical study for Indian students along with an easy admission procedure. But did you know, Russia is also extremely affordable when it comes to living in it. The students can find luxurious and cost efficient but best living standards. 

The average cost of expenditure for an international student usually ranges around INR 20,000- INR 20,000 depending upon the preferences and choice of the students. Many times, students studying in the government medical universities of Russia often are provided with hostels and mess facilities which further reduces the overall cost of living in Russia.

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Studying MBBS in Russia surely opens the doors of success for many with its unlimited opportunities and excelling features as advantages. It can truly be a delight for many students who are seeking to pursue MBBS abroad. Starting from an affordable option, easy admission, no donations, no entrance exam, recognised and reputed education and so on, the unlimited advantages of studying MBBS in Russia attract thousands from all over the world.

For India, Rus Education has been actively working towards catering for the needs of Indian students to become successful doctors of the future by aiding their admissions in the top medical universities of Russia for the past 28 years.

To know more about your way out to live your dream of becoming a doctor, contact the student helpline number 1800-833-3338, visit their nearest office to your location or browse the official website of Rus Education (www.ruseducation.in).


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