Durga Puja 2016 belongs to Mamata Banerjee!


    “All the countries belong to us all …The difference is just in their name…. The world is but one country….” goes the Bengali Poem written by the Chief Minister of West Bengal , Mamata Banerjee.

    This verses has taken to a lot of billboards in Kolkata , while this just not the single item from the CM to beguile the pandal hoppers.

    Every nook and corner of the city definitely shouts one story “Durga Puja 2016 belongs to our CM Mamata Banerjee!”

    Numerous bill boards or flexes are reciting her poem or showcasing her skills and talents as a painter , she has also announced puja awards.

    Indeed , no other politician has used it as a tool at so large against Kolkata’s ever smoky sky line. In fact , the whole social media was set abuzzed when the Nadia district had a CM’s life size fibre glass idol , with 12 hands which towers over a much smaller Durga idol.

    As of now , CM Mamata Banerjee is busy inaugurating tens of thousands of pujas , but she says “It is quite impossible to inaugurate so many on a single day , but now its the turn of Mahalaya, a week before it was Sosthi.”

    She is mixing puja with the politics , as puja is no longer a 5 day affair in Bengal , as it used to be.

    The Trinamool Congress , when it came into power in the year 2011 , has always used the Durga Puja to boost her party image before the public.

    There was a small puja of South Kolkata , by a club called Udayan Sangha , which was patronised by the Education Minister Partha Chaterjee and now in 5 years , it has turned into one of the mega budget pujas!

    In this situation , it is a win win situation to all the activists and potential cadres as it provides employment on large scale but on a temporary note.

    And it is also a great Public Relations (PR) Exercise , as it helps the government leaders to engage and connect with the people , especially on a spiritual note.