How to Make Money with Crypto but without trading it?


A cryptocurrency (sometimes spelt crypto-currency) is an electronic currency that employs cryptography for verification and additional security.

In a cryptocurrency, the technology used to record transactions and issue new units is decentralized.

Thus, there is no need for a central issuing or regulatory organization. You can visit Bitcoin Aussie System for more details.

How to Make Money with Crypto but without trading it

How does it function?

Blockchain is a decentralized public ledger that serves as the backbone of the cryptocurrency and token systems.

Computing power is utilized to “mine” bitcoins by solving complex mathematical riddles. Customers can add these currencies to their digital wallets and trade them for others.

Earning money with crypto without Trading

Making cryptocurrency profits does not need active trading. These alternatives to trading can help you make money:

  1. Hyperlinks and Associate Programs

By recommending others to affiliate programs, you might earn free cryptocurrency. If you already have a sizable following and a thriving website, you may find success with affiliate marketing. After that, you may promote your affiliate link wherever on the site.

  1. Fitness Apps

Numerous fitness applications at the moment reward their users with cryptocurrencies. The finest fitness apps that are available for iOS and Android are Lympo and Sweatcoin, which let users concentrate on their fitness, running, and exercise while also earning cryptocurrency incentives.

  1. Pionex Crypto Platform

Users can conduct manual trading on platforms like the Bitcoin Trading Platform and other applications based on cryptocurrencies. But one of the platforms, Pionex, just introduced a function that lets users purchase cryptocurrency using a credit card. Any registered Pionex user can purchase cryptocurrency and make payments with a credit card via the website or mobile application.

  1. Cryptos through Bounties

A few platforms for programming-related work let programmers find bugs and problems in the system, and in exchange, they get paid in cryptocurrency. The platform for bounty hunting is one that offers this feature. Users can find bugs on this site and receive cryptocurrency rewards.

  1. Earning Money is possible without investing any

Airdrops, or the free distribution of tokens, are used to boost a project’s initial popularity. Many initiatives use this gathering to get publicity. Tasks that need interaction with other people are also covered, such as posting links on social media. One’s chances of receiving an airdrop may be improved by performing simple acts, such as posting promotional information on social media.

  1. Utilization of Individual Actions

Participants in these surveys and microtasks may be eligible for a small payout in Bitcoin. Cointiply is an example of such a corporation, having distributed over $3 million worth of bitcoins to its users since its inception. Users may take advantage of’s survey and other microtask opportunities to acquire Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Short version: Coinbase just bought it.

  1. Watching videos and ads

Profit from your interest in cryptocurrencies by viewing instructional videos. FeaturePoints is a program available for iOS and Android that will reward its users with Bitcoin for performing routine actions like online shopping, app downloads, surveys, and video watching. It’s possible to get free Bitcoins by participating in surveys on Storm Play.

  1. Enjoying both traditional and digital gaming

For individuals who would instead not engage in cryptocurrency trading, playing a variety of offline and online games is a great way to earn cryptocurrency of different forms.

  1. Amount of time devoted to screens (TV, radio, and digital)

The Free Bitcoin app for Android and iOS allows users to get Bitcoin and Litecoin by viewing movies quickly. To earn points in the Bitcoin (BTC) Android app, users must see advertising on Safari, for example.

  • Free cryptocurrency can be obtained using faucets

Bitcoin faucets are online services that allow users to earn Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for performing simple tasks like filling out a captcha or seeing advertisements., a renowned security research organization, also offers a service where users may earn free bitcoin by solving a captcha.

Getting your money out of your wallet is the next step.

Wrapping it up

In this article, we’ve covered 10 techniques to make money with cryptocurrencies that are more simple than manual trading.

There are more ways to consider besides those already listed, but those already mentioned are the finest.

The aforementioned methods are the best to adopt if you’re looking for simple cryptocurrency earning strategies.


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