Tether, One of The Cryptocurrencies



Tether is a cryptocurrency with tokens issued by Tether Limited which has some controversial strings attached to it from the past. One of the instances where Tether was in a frame again, would be the time when a paper from the University of Texas, Austin had claimed that it was being used to manipulate the price of bitcoin. There was much such blame though not proven completely on and around the clock.

It was once known as the most stable coin after it earned the reputation because of its original design which was to worth $1.00, maintaining $1.00 in reserves for each tether issued. Tether is known to convert cash into digital currency. The Tether platform is one of those to be built on top of open blockchain technologies following which leveraging the security and transparency is been provided.

Guidelines To Follow While Buying Bitcoins:

Buying tether/bitcoin using a credit card is widely accepted around the globe. However, purchasing bitcoin (BTC) with a credit card can be often hard and confusing. Fortunately, as a saviour, we do have companies like Coin Mama (worldwide) and Coin base (USA, Canada, Europe, and UK) that have made the process smooth and convenient left alone fast. Every different company has its own rules or norms but almost each one of them has contributed their best to ease the lives of bitcoin buyers some way or the other. Before we begin, let us understand that there is a thumb rule for buying the bitcoins using a credit card (This applies to any and every mode of payment) which is the buyer is required to have or own a Bitcoin wallet since most or rather all exchanges require one. 

Some Well-Known Brokers:

  1. Coin Mama is one of the highly specialized bitcoin brokers which allows the buyers to complete their purchase using a credit card. There is a 6% fee charged as processing fees and also due to the risks that come with credit card payments. It offers high limits such as:

$5000 worth of bitcoins/day

$20000 worth of bitcoins/month

  1. Another popular bitcoin broker is Luna which allows users in Europe to buy bitcoin with a credit card. As an add-on, the company has very low fees to offer.

Steps Involved While Buying Bitcoins:

There is a step by step process to follow in order to have a successful and hassle-free bitcoin buying experience which are as follows:

  • Creating an account followed by confirming the personal details are the initial steps to be carried on. Once that is done, you can log in after which you may be asked to upload a scan of ID.
  • Navigating to the top right corner and clicking left on your name will bring a drop-down menu which will allow you to click on “Settings”. Right there one should be able to see the payment methods on the menu.

After the account is verified and payment using a credit card is successfully completed, the bitcoins will be received within minutes.