Shubh Jewellers leading the traditional South Indian jewellery market


Shubh jewellers

Rajesh Mehta – owned jewellery outlets are contributing to keeping the traditional esteem of India’s precious metal history.

Being a country of rich cultural heritage to which gold has been intrinsic, India is known to value the yellow metal not just monetarily but also as a part of its customs. Apart from being a part of almost every religious festivity, gold finds itself in almost all temples and places of worship in India. Jewellery designs of the Indian subcontinent are in demand all across the globe, owing to its diversity and traditional fragrance.

Karnataka’s largest jewellery brand with over 80 stores all across the state, Shubh Jewellers is inspired greatly by the golden beauty of India’s history. The retail arm of Rajesh Exports Limited — world’s largest gold manufacturer, Shubh Jewellers is one of the most trusted brands in India when it comes to gold standard and price per gram.

Wedding Jewellery

Marriages in India, especially in the southern part, are a matter of great celebration. They are as intrinsic to the country’s culture as everything else. Over the past many years, Shubh has maintained a reputation of manufacturing some of the most beautiful pieces with temples and gods idols as designs. Talking about the jewellery brand’s expertise, a customer named Ms Khushboo said, “What I love about Shubh Jewellers is its quality and standard of gold. They don’t even charge any extra for making cost.”

In marriages, women love to go traditional which Shubh Jewellers designs fulfil gracefully. Its designs are based on the ideal amalgamation of historical designs and latest trends.

Jewellery as a Social Element

Understanding what the society wants is one of the major factors in the success and failure of a jewellery brand. What Shubh Jewellers has done over the years is taking a deep insight into the social structure of India and making jewellery designs accordingly. The jewellery business has been successful in extracting the social importance of the precious metal and offering people the finest way of celebrating gold. This is what makes it stand out.


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